Hey y’all!

This is Lisa.

I am a mother of 4 kids, two daughters and two sons and I am married to my college sweetheart Jared. Follow me on Instagram.

I grew up on a small farm in New Jersey. We had a big family because my parents, my uncles and aunties all were living together on this farm so, you can imagine, it was always over crowded with people. My parents actually still live on that farm but everyone else including me, we moved out. I moved to New York for further education because I was home schooled and it was in college where I met my future husband.

But living in farm was really great because we had to do everything on our own and I learned so many things from my parents and uncles and aunties and that is where I found my passion for fixing things, whether it is renovating or designing, I was always there.

And later on, that is what attracted me towards Jared because was also very much of a DIY kind of a guy.

When he proposed to me for marriage, one thing that we both agreed upon at that time was that we will plan our whole marriage and not just plan, we will do everything from shopping to decorating and even though it was very challenging because I was pregnant with my first child but still this was like Christmas for me.

But we didn’t stop there, we built our first home from scratch (of course me and my husband both have a degree in interior designing from Syracuse University) but still I know so many of our classmates wouldn’t bother doing it themselves and rather delegate it to some agency or person but we both are crazy about our passion.

We did our full home including backyard and swimming pool. It was a lot of work for many months but it was all worth it because it was like eating a basket full of chocolate treats everyday!

After we completed our dream home, we both decided not to pursue jobs rather start our own business. It’s been 16 years now in this field and I can proudly say that we have had a wonderful ride because we both got to designs tons of homes in this past decade and a half.

It was a tough journey considering I gave birth to 4 kids and every pregnancy and post pregnancy would bring new challenges, while we were keeping our clients happy with the quality of our work and not only we managed a good relationship with our clients but also with our family and no one felt left out.

One thing that I have always ensured is to keep my family first, I know I am very passionate about my business whether it is renovating or interior designing but still I have maintained that essential work life balance and always reminded myself that we work for our families so, our family should never be sacrificed because of work.

Honestly speaking everything paid off because we have the most adorable and intelligent kids one could ask for and not only that now the kids are following their mom’s and dad’s footsteps and they always try to be there on every location we work and they try to learn how we do things and wherever they see an opportunity where they can help us, they don’t shy away from seizing it.

I feel we are blessed, considering that me and my husband got to share our passion with our kids and we thought why stop there, why not share it with the whole world and that’s how we came up with this blog 😊.

We thought it would be kind of leaving our legacy behind and instead of writing a book this would be a more useful way to help people because no matter how comprehensive a book is, it can never beat a blog.

So, we want to welcome you all into our family of ruling homes, into this blogsphere and I hope that you will get to learn some useful tips and tricks that would come in handy when you are fixing your own homes.