Best Electric Pressure Washer for Cars (Top 9 Picks)

There is no going back once you get the hang of an electric pressure washer.

You are wrong if you think it is the equipment used in summers only! Whether it is winter, summer, or spring, you will always find electric pressure washers usable. 

After using the product from multiple companies, we have listed down the ten best electric pressure washers. 

Best Electric Pressure Washer (Our top 9 picks):

Let’s go through the top nine picks; our choices will help you get the right product with the right features. 





Greenworks Pro 2700









Karcher 13246440






Sun Joe SPX3000 



Stanley SHP2150



PAXCESS Electric Pressure Washer






1. Greenworks Pro 2700

The first on our list is Greenworks Pro 2700. This unit is an electric pressure washer that provides on-point, high-pressure, and volume.

Moreover, the constant-run motor is the highlighting feature of this model. 

You do not need to pull the spray wand trigger; the motor will run independently.

The constant-run motor feature improves the trigger response and reduces the machine’s priming. 

In addition to this, GPW2700 comes with a pressure and flow sensor that adjusts the output and suits the nozzle that you insert in the wand.

This unit has no tipping over, as it comes with wheels for transportation purposes. The 35-foot long cord is sufficient enough to provide access. 

Highlighting features:

  • 1.2 GPM provides 2700 PSI. 
  • Aluminum axial cam pump.
  • JET FLOW technology automatically recognizes the nozzle. 
  • A 25-foot long cord that prevents abrasion and corrosion.

We did not enjoy the hose outlets close to each other, which reduced the level of access.

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RYOBI is a stunner with consistent soaping, excellent washing performance, and a journeyman machine.

This unit is more robust than all the other products that we have listed. This washer is heavier and has a physically large motor. 

In addition to this, we found this product to be durable, efficient, and effective.

We did not like this model; the spray wand mount is on the handle, which is uncomfortable to operate. 

Moreover, the 24-foot long cord is sufficient to spray on the larger areas. As an electric pressure washer, it is a perfect choice.

The electric brushless mechanism allows you to maintain the driveways and patios. 

Highlighting features:

  • The tremendous pressure of 2300 pounds per square inch.
  • Axial cam with bypass pump. 
  • 24-foot long electric cord. 
  • Continuous soaping with no stopping feature.

There are 13 amperes brushless motors with axial cam with a bypass pump; this makes this product one of our favorites. 

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3. WORX WG604

We had a perfect time testing and trying WORX WF604. We appreciate this unit; it is small, light, and rolls perfectly; resisting tipping.

The hose works perfectly well, and the cleaning performance is up to the mark. 

Compared to GWP 2700, this electric pressure washer has a working load of 2240 PSI. But, despite the low PSI and flow, we were surprised by the productivity and efficiency.

It cleaned the 40 feet of sidewalk within minutes with the turbo nozzle attachment. 

Besides, we also liked the opening on its detergent cap; it allows you to select the level of cleaner.

The under typical load, working pressure is around 1600 PSI, which is sufficient for cleaning caked debris, webs, and spray away first. 

Highlighting features:

  • This unit comes with three different types of nozzles. 
  • Metal wand and quick connector. 
  • 2250 Max PSI with 1.93 GPM. 
  • Durable metal construction with smooth wheels. 

The overall structure is durable and consists of metal construction and wheels that you can roll around the backyard. 

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4. Karcher 13246440

Next on our list is Karcher 13246440. Karcher is known for its quality, durability, and effectiveness.

But, you may find this particular unit to be small and light. However, this unit is light and small compared to GWP or RYOBI. 

But, we do appreciate the combination of industrial design and output.

Also, the cleaning power of this pressure washer is 2100 PSI maximum with a flow of 1.4 GPM. The running motor is 12.4 amperes, which is indeed pretty impressive. 

The highlighting feature of this unit; the spray wand and garden hose hook up by pop fittings. Also, you can use digital control at the base of the gun.

We did not enjoy this model; you cannot operate this machine on the lawn; it keeps on tipping over such surfaces. 

Highlighting features:

  • 2000 PSI with 1.4 GPM. 
  • Easy control of pressure using digital control. 
  • Water-cooled induction motor. 
  • Integrated hose reel for easy storage and transportation. 

This electric pressure washer is ideal for many places, and the force factor is suitable. 

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5. Generac

Next on our list is Generac 8874 electric pressure washer. This unit is considered a residential pressure washer, and it can be taken as a commercial washer as well.

If we compare the GWP 2700 with this unit, this model’s cleaning power is around 2900 PSI with a maximum flow of 2.4GPM. 

However, the prominent engineer and the shaft pump are enough to tackle the big and dirty jobs.

Also, we loved the thermal relief valve that automatically discharges the water from the pump after 2-5 minutes of the spray wand being used. 

Highlighting features:

  • Quick changing of nozzle tips. 
  • 2900 PSI at 2.4GPM
  • Thermal relief valve technology
  • Combination of air blast and water blast. 

The combination of air blast and water blast cleans the brick surfaces and clears the loose debris of sand and leaves. 

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6. Sun Joe SPX3000

Next on our list is Sun Joe SPX3000. This pressure washer is portable and compact, and we had fun-time handling this machine as we loved the overall performance and effectiveness.

This product is a light-duty electric washer with a proper foaming soap dispenser and two cleaning brushes. 

We loved the idea of two cleaning brushes; one can be kept for cleaning automotive wheels.

In addition to this, you also have a complete set of nozzles. The hose outlets, the power-on features, and the handles are all very well located. 

The functioning and design do not interrupt the other operation. Comparing this unit with Karcher, Karcher’s small wheels and the vertical integration make the machine tip over.

However, this is not the case with Sun Joe; you can easily use this electric washer in your lawns, patio, garage, pavement, etc. 

Highlighting features:

  • The constant run motor of 14.5 amperes. 
  • 2030 PSI with 1.76 GPM. 
  • This unit comes with a 0.9L onboard detergent tank. 
  • The minimum working pressure is 1450 PSI. 

With a maximum of 2030 PSI and a flow of 1.76 GPM, this electric pressure washer is a good choice. 

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7. Stanley SHP2150

Stanley SHP2150 stands tall on our list. This unit is indeed a good solution; you are looking for a compact and lightweight electric washer. This product features a quick connection with a foam cannon nozzle. 

We also washed a car with this electric pressure washer, and we were surprised by the pressure performance. The constant-run motor is 13 amperes; it is indeed a powerful washer than other compact designs; WORX WG604. 

Not to mention, it has a 2150 PSI rating along with 1.4 GPM. The nozzle regulator controls pressure, and you can use 25 degrees quick nozzle for door and window cleaning.

This product does not come with a built-in detergent tank; instead, it includes a high-pressure foam cannon. 

Highlighting features:

  • This unit comes with a high-pressure foamer. 
  • Offers leak-proof connection and connectors. 
  • 2150 PSI with 1.4 GPM. 
  • Pressure washer gun with pressure washer wand.

You can single-handedly carry this machine in your backyards and lawns. 

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8. PAXCESS Electric Pressure Washer

Next on our list is the PAXCESS electric pressure washer. This unit is not just a pressure washer, but it can also serve as a proper car washer. You do not have to go to any detailing or car wash ever again. 

This unit’s pressure performance is effective as it can get any soot, oil, mud, and web out with an all-in-one nozzle.

Moreover, you can also decide about the pressure setting. You can choose between high, low, and foam patterns. 

With 2150 PSI, you get a flow rate of 1.85 GPM. The run moto is 1800 watts, which effectively blasts away the first cleaning patios, driveways, sheds, and other outdoor equipment. 

Highlighting features:

  • This unit comes with a run motor of 1800 watts. 
  • 2150 maximum PSI with 1.85 GPM. 
  • Removable detergent tank with easily changeable pressure nozzles.
  • This unit serves as a car-washer as well. 
  • GFCI safety use for exterior outlets.

You also get a removable detergent tank and adjustable pressure nozzle. 

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The last on our list is AR ANNOVI. This unit has a cleaning power of around 2000 PS, and it is ideal for all types of cleaning.

Besides, compared to other washers in our list, this model is strong enough to remove all kinds of dirt from the patios, backyard, garage, etc. moreover, this electric pressure washer will not damage the wooden surfaces. 

Also, this pressure washer comes with a long 35 feet power cord with a 30 feet hose. This unit has a professional-style washer gun, washer wand, and a 48oz detergent tank.

It also includes four different types of nozzle that offer optimal potential cleaning. AR ANNOVI is environmentally friendly and user-friendly as well. 

Highlighting features:

  • Enhances outdoor cleaning power. 
  • It comes with a professional-style pressure washer gun. 
  • Four different quick-change washer nozzles. 
  • Maximum 2000 PSI with 1.4GPM.

You just need to pull it out of the box, connect the hose to the gun, plug and pull the trigger. 

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Buyers Guide:

An electric pressure washer is indeed a good investment. However, before choosing, we would recommend you go through the following factors that you need to consider before buying the best electric pressure washer. 


You must have read about PSI in all of the reviews mentioned in our list. It is also known as “working pressure/rated pressure.”

PSI is a variable to measure pressure; working pressure must be good as the pressure forces the water to come out of the hose. 


The nozzle is an essential component of an electric pressure washer.

Every unit comes with a set of nozzles, a hose, and a wand. The standard nozzles are 0º, 15º, 25º, 40º; make sure you buy a model with a standard-sized nozzle set.

Washer hose:

Like a nozzle, a washer hose is equally essential and comes with the washer to be paired by the manufacturer. It will help if you buy an electric pressure washer that fits the rated pressure. It will make the usage of electric pressure washer easier.

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