Best Hot Tubs 2023 Reviews (Top 10 Picks)

Hot Tubs can offer a relaxing experience after a hectic day. These tubs are not only used by people like us, but divers use these hot tubs too. There are multiple benefits divers usually expect from these hot tubs. Here’s why do divers use hot tubs.

You can also find how hot are the hot tubs to know more details about it.

We tried many hot tubs from different brands while keeping in mind the comfort, space, water capacity & value of money.

Here’s a list of the best hot tubs based on our team’s experience.

Bath in a hot tub is a perfect way to relax the mind and body. A one-time purchase that will keep you refreshed and stress-free for years.

Mindfulness is essential, and you can let the bubbles ease your troubles away. 

Best Hot Tubs 2023 (Top Picks)





Essential Hot Tubs

5-6 people

 85 x 85 x 36 inches

Intex 28429E

4-5 people

77 x 77 x 28 inches

Coleman 15442

4 people

71 x 71 x 28 inches

Intex 28431E

6 people


Bestway Paris AirJet Hot Tub

6 poeple

77 x 77 x 26 inches

Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe

5-6 people


Bestway SaluSpa Helsinki

7 people


Intex 77in PureSpa 

4 people

 77 x 77 x 28 inches

Lay-Z-Spa Miami

4 people

 32.28 x 18.11 x 23.82 inches

Essential Hot Tubs 11-Jets

4-5 people

 69 x 69 x 29.5 inches

1. Essential Hot Tubs

First on our list is Essential Hot Tubs. It is a high-quality hot tub with a lot of good options. The best part about this unit; it can entertain a room of people.

The reclined seat is our favorite as it helps massage the sore backs, calves, and thighs. 

The 67 jet model is indeed a blessing as this is something you will look for; coming home from a tiring and exhausting day.

However, you will need an electrician to set the 24-volt hot tub. Another thing that we appreciated; it’s energy-efficient, no need to turn down the temperature while using it. 

Also, you do not need to set the temperature beforehand; everything goes naturally. The insulation mechanism is on point, and you lock the heat.

In addition to this, the water is filtered through an ozone system; no need to add extra chemicals to keep your tub safe and clean. 

Highlighting features:

  • You can pair your device with the Bluetooth sound system. 
  • Room for around 5-6 people. 
  • Two captain chairs and a lounger. 
  • Sixteen stainless steel jets; and 51 two-tone adjustable jets. 

This hot tub is a perfect combination of style, comfort, and technology! 


  • It comes with adjustable jet settings
  • It comes with an entertainment system
  • The design and space are huge


The water leaking is an issue

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2. Intex 28429E

Next on our list is Intex 28429E. This product is known for its high quality, and it is one of the most incredible inflatable hot tubs on our list.

The best part about this product; it comes with an inflation hose, which is effortless to set up. 

Unlike Essential hot tubs, you do not need an electrician to set up this tub. Give this unit 20 minutes to maintain the temperature.

Moreover, you do not need to wait for an hour; for the tub to deflate. We are blown away by the 140 water jets and built-in LED light.

This hot tub can accommodate up to 4-5 adults, and it is pretty comfortable for a family of 5-6 people. 

In addition to this, it comes with a headrest, a thermal ground cloth and an insulated cover, and a proper bag. It is pretty much portable, and you can carry it easily on hill stations and farmhouses.

Not to mention, you will be getting a built-in heating system, air blower, hard-water treatment, and cleaning dispenser. 

Highlighting features:

  • Relaxation with around 140 water jets. 
  • Spa experience with water temperature up to 104 F. 
  • Built-In hard-water treatment. 
  • Easy installation and deflation. 
  • Comes with two headrests and a thermal ground cloth.

The part that amazed us was a test strip to keep the water clean and clear for longer hours.


  • It comes with a bubble bath option
  • It is easily adjustable
  • The headrests are comfortable


  • The water spills and leaks

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3. Coleman 15442

Coleman 15442 is another portable hot tub on our list. This hot tub is much easier to install as compared to Intex 28429E.

In terms of portability, we would recommend; Coleman as it inflates within minutes. Moreover, the warming is also quick, not just the deflation process. 

It goes up to 104 F, allowing you to sit back and relax. It decompresses from anywhere, and there is no specific spot.

In addition to this, the handy valve present on the floor makes it easier to drain the water. This unit is a four-person tub and consists of 114 air jets that you can activate with a touch of a button. 

Along with it, this unit has three-ply inflatable cushioned walls and a plush floor. This product is indeed long-lasting and durable.

It comes with a good liner, a cover pump, a floater, and filter cartridges. 

Highlighting features:

  • This portable unit can entertain up to 4 people. 
  • It quickly sets up to 104 degrees. 
  • It consists of 114 surrounding air jets. 
  • Three play-inflated walls for added durability and comfort.

Not to mention an air pad protector and a repair patch. 


  • There are 114 surrounding jets
  • It is easy to inflate
  • It comes with a spa pump


  • The design is not very appealing

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4. Intex 28431E

Next on our list is Intex 28431E; this is one of most favorite hot tubs that can be used as a personal relaxation corner of your backyard.

There is no need to wait for hours to get the water ready; it would take around 15-18 minutes to prepare the water. 

The package is indeed commendable; you will be getting an insulated cover, heater, filter, blower, and hard water system.

The multi-colored LED lights give an aesthetic touch. Also, the two filter cartridges, two headrests, and thermal ground cloth give you a stress-free spa time. 

Highlighting features:

  • Can entertain up to six people. 
  • Hard-water treatment. 
  • Insulated cover, water-system 
  • Fast set up with a flow rate of 460 gallons per hour. 

The carrier bag is everything you need for a perfect spa date. Most importantly, it can entertain up to 6 people comfortably. 


  • It comes with an adjustable panel
  • There are two filter cartridges
  • It comes with an inflation hose


  • Air escape which creates a hole

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5. Bestway Paris AirJet Hot Tub

Bestway Paris Airjet Hot Tub is one of our favorites as it comes in many relaxing colors. You can plan a romantic spa date, as the ergonomic design is aesthetic and can accommodate up to 6 people at one time. 

Besides, it has around 90 bubble jets and comes with remote control. Moreover, this unit offers maximum structural stability; you can maintain the outdoor spa feel.

Besides, the durability is incredible; no matter how many times you inflate and deflate, you will not feel a dent in quality. 

Highlighting features:

  • Enhanced structural stability. 
  • Seven color-changing themes. 
  • It can accommodate over six people. 
  • Ergonomic design with 26 inches of height. 

The installation process is also pretty straightforward. You can change the theme into seven different colors. 


  • It comes with a color changing options
  • The digital control panel is easy to use
  • It comes with a power-saving mode


  • A puddle creation is an issue

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6. Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe

Next on our list is Intex Purespa Greywood deluxe. We have mentioned another model from Intex on our list.

However, this unit is a bit different regarding features and compatibility. This product has 170 bubble jets, built-in hard water treatment mechanism. 

Besides, it comes with an insulated cover and has a space to accommodate up to 5-6 people. We loved the grey wooden surface of this unit; and a wireless controller that lets you play around.

It is pretty easy to install the tub, and the water is ready in about 15-20 minutes. 

Highlighting features:

  • The hot tub comes with 170 high-powered jets.
  • Built-in hard water system.
  • Easy installation and deflation. 
  • Extra storage for the transportation process. 

Also, the deflation process is pretty straightforward. The fiber-tech construction provides extra durability. With a touch, you can change the settings. 


  • The assembling process is easy
  • It comes with high-powered jets
  • It comes with two headrests


  • The water leaks from time to time

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7. Bestway SaluSpa Helsinki

Traveling these days is challenging, and even if we could, there are too many hurdles because of the new restrictions and changing policies!

We have your back; Bestway SaluSpa Helsinki hot tub is one of our list’s most aesthetic hot tubs. 

It is designed as a rustic barrel-type tub; that comes with a chemconnect chemical dispenser that keeps your tub all clean.

In addition to this, two types VI filter cartridges, a spa pump, a hand inflating pump, a repair kit, and an aluminum-lined cover, keep the water warm for a longer time. 

Highlighting features:

  • 83 high-powered bubble jets. 
  • This tub can entertain up to seven people. 
  • Seventy-two hours; pre-heat mechanism. 
  • Equipped with the VI filter cartridges.

Moreover, the attached water pump can be used as an inflator; and this tub can entertain seven people. The best part about this hot tub; you can set the temperature in advance. 


  • The design is ergonomic
  • The digital panel is easy to ready
  • The water temperature changing option is fast


  • The water leaks from time to time

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8. Intex 77in PureSpa 

Nothing beats a perfect spa date with loved ones. Intex 77in PureSpa; is one of the most high-powered bubble jets on our list.

However, compared to other Intex models, this hot tub is a bit small. This unit can accommodate up to 4 people only. 

However, this model is perfect for a small family; a couple and two kids.

The heating system is adjustable, and you can set your temperature preferences. Also, no matter how small your backyard is, this model can easily fit in. 

The built-in water treatment system is another winner, as it makes the water gentle and leaves a soothing experience.

Water capacity is 210 gallons per hour; effectiveness and efficiency are guaranteed with Intex’s particular model. 

Highlighting features:

  • Two easy-to-replace filter cartridges. 
  • Can entertain up to 4 people. 
  • A 3-way test strip and floating chlorine dispenser. 
  • An insulated cover with additional safety features. 

Intex proves its supremacy over other brands with all the models, and the PureSpa hot tub is a shining example!


  • It comes with a built-in water system
  • The air blower system is incorporated
  • The water capacity is amazing


  • The filters are of poor quality  

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9. Lay-Z-Spa Miami

Next on our list is Lay-Z Spa Miami. If you have a lot of indoor space, you can place this hot tub in the comfort of your corridor.

This unit is indeed perfect for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Besides, this model is our personal favorite for indoor settings. 

Lay-Z-Spa Miami comes with two filter cartridges that are easy to use and replace.

In addition to this, a spa cover is also included that protects the tub and water when not in use.

Most importantly, the package comes with DVD instructions; that gives you a tutorial about installing and setting the tub. 

This unit is professional and efficient and can accommodate up to 4 people.

Also, you can adjust the temperature to 104 degrees F; you can monitor the temperature via the digital control panel. 

Highlighting features:

  • Can entertain up to 4 people. 
  • Perfect for indoor settings. 
  • Temperature control through a digital panel. 
  • Instructions through DVD and tutorial. 

We liked this hot tub, and it is on the list because of its unique features and the brand’s promise to provide a truly ‘lazy’ experience. This hot tub will relax you for sure.  


  • It is perfect for both indoors and outdoors
  • The water does not leak
  • It comes with a ground cloth


  • It is not energy efficient

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10. Essential Hot Tubs 11-Jets

Last on our list is Essential Hot Tubs. This hot tub is one of the professional hot tubs, and it can entertain up to 5 people at one time.

The best part about this Hot tub; that we love comes with 11 hydrotherapy jets, which makes this unit quite powerful. 

Moreover, this is a tech-based hot tub, but; it is pretty easy to understand. The control panel is user-friendly and controlled by a digital remote.

Moreover, it comes with LED water light, which gives it a more relaxing atmosphere. 

Highlighting features:

  • Instant switching feature at a touch of a button. 
  • Can entertain up to 4-5 people. 
  • Plug and play; relaxing part. 
  • Corded electric hot tub. 

The hydrotherapy feature makes this a special pick for us. Look over the design again, and you will want to own this hot tub too!


  • It is a professional-level hot tub
  • The control panel is user-friendly


  • Warranty service is poor

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Buyers Guide:

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before buying a hot tub. It’s quite a subjective product, and we will ensure that you make the right choice. 


There are many sizes of hot tubs; you need to think about how many people will be using them. Also, you need to ensure whether you have that much space available.

Small hot tubs can accommodate up to two to three people. In comparison, larger tubs can entertain eight or more. 


Yes, material and construction is indeed an essential factor. The majority of the hot tubs have an acrylic interior shell supported by a metal frame. Pay attention to the detailing and tub insulation.


Filtration and sanitation are other essential factors. The water should be sparkling and clean.

The majority of the hot tubs come with a hard-water treatment system, and UV-C light ensures that the water stays clean.

Therapy options:

There are many jets in the tub, and you need to decide the options you want. Hydrotherapy jets produce high-pressures, and others are high-flow jets.

You can get both hydro and aromatherapy jets for a more spa-type experience.

How I tested Hot Tubs?

I was always a hot tub fan and was adamant about getting one after my recent stay at a hotel. Hence, I decided to take the plunge and invest in a hot tub. But, since there are so many options available in the market, it was tough to pick one.

Moreover, I got different opinions and suggestions from friends and family. Most importantly, I had a hot tub at my previous place, which was not happening.

I was hesitant to make the same mistake again. Not to mention, the experience is not the same for everyone. Therefore, I decided to test, listing below, how I tested the hot bathtub.


Once I had all the components of my hot bathtub in place, it was time to check the filtration system. This involved inspecting the filter for any cracks or blockages and then running a series of tests to ensure the water was properly filtered. First, I ran a series of tests, such as pH, chlorine, and water hardness.

Once I was satisfied with the results of these tests, I then moved on to more advanced tests such as sedimentation and turbidity. These were important for ensuring that the filter was working correctly and preventing any unwanted contaminants or debris from getting into my hot bathtub.

After completing all the filtration tests, I inspected the entire setup to ensure that all the components were properly connected and functioning. This included checking for any loose wires or other signs of potential malfunction.

After everything was in order, I filled my hot bathtub with warm water and tested it out by taking a few baths. This final step was essential for determining whether or not my hot bathtub was up to my standards and ready to use.

Energy Efficiency:

I wanted to see if the hot tub was energy efficient, so I looked at how much electricity it used. I tested the power draw by plugging in a wattmeter and measuring how much current passed through the system. To my surprise, the hot tub only required around 1 kilowatt of energy, which is quite good compared to other hot tubs of the same size.


The seat is important for a comfortable bathing experience. To ensure the seat was comfortable, I tested it by sitting in different spots and adjusting the seat to see how its height would affect my soaking posture.

Moreover, I considered the number of persons the seat can accommodate and its adjustability so that different people could enjoy it too.


Next, I tested the jets to make sure they were in good working order. I closed the drain and filled the bathtub with warm water. Once the water was at a comfortable temperature, I turned on the jets and adjusted them to my desired strength.

To ensure that each jet was functioning properly, I moved around in the tub to ensure that each jet provided a consistent stream of water. Finally, I drained the tub and refilled it with another round of hot water. This ensured that my jets were in good shape and working correctly.

Air Blower:

After ensuring the jets were working correctly, I tested the air blower. I filled the bathtub with hot water and turned the air blower on. I adjusted the settings until I found a comfortable level of bubble production.

I also inspected the air hose to ensure it was in good condition and wasn’t leaking. After adjusting the settings, I drained the tub and repeated this process to ensure all components were functioning properly.

Safety Features:

To ensure the hot tub was safe, I tested all the safety features. This included testing the temperature sensor to ensure it shuts off if the water got too hot. I also inspected the emergency shutoff switch and ensured it would stop all operations in an emergency.

Finally, I tested the anti-scald valve to make sure it would prevent any accidental scalding.


The best hot tub is the one that relaxes you and suits your home. Some of you might want a technological touch, while others prefer a clean and straightforward hot tub for their relaxation.

However, we have picked the best hot tubs for you. Choose the one that suits you, and you will not be disappointed with the features. 

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