Best Paint for Wood Fence 2023 Reviews (Top 10)

Looking for the best paint for wood fence? We tried multiple brands on the wood fences to test the durability & outdoor paint quality; here is the list of our top 10 products.

The fence paint must resist mold and keep the rust away from the metals. The majority of wooden fence paints come with a combination of primer and topcoat.

Hence, you do not need to prime it separately. Not to mention, wooden fence paint must be hard-wearing and less toxic.

Eco-friendly paint will let you do the project in peace, as you will be sure about the environment’s safety. 

Best Paint For Wood Fence (Top 10 Choices):



Environmental Friendly



Interior/ Exterior


Ready Seal 512

Exterior wood sealer


Rust-Oleum 7578838-6

Wood, Metal


Majic Paints 8-9406-2

 Wood, Tile, Doors, Furniture, Glass, Metal


Montage Signature

Interior/ Exterior


KILZ Exterior



Valspar 3125-10



Wood Defender






Jetcoat Farm Pride



1. THE ONE Paint

THE ONE, paint is a life-saving and time-saving product. Time-saving products are always good to go, as they are created to convenience the customers.

Just mix the primer in the same bucket, and you are ready to paint your fence. Moreover, this paint has got a proportion of primer mixed into the paint.

The formula is quick-drying and does not take much time. That is not all; you can use this paint on various surfaces.

You can also use it on metal, plastic, brick, stone, glass, and other surfaces. 

I enjoyed using this product and loved that it dries really fast. The whole feeling of the paint is thick and opaque; one coat gives enough coverage to the wall and protects it from the other factor.

This unit is a water-based acrylic paint; hence, the cleanup is super easy. THE ONE paint is environmentally safe and has a low VOC formula.

Your kids and pets will be safe around the paint.

Highlighting features:

  • The paint dries real quick.
  • It is safe for the environment.
  • Apart from wood, you can use it on a range of surfaces.
  • No need to pour tons of primer.

We call it a lifesaver for many reasons, and now you know all of them! The environment-friendly paint for wooden fences can mean a healthier living and a much healthier look!

The One is not number one because we tried it out first. This paint was able to cover wooden fences without any primer and that made it an economical fit for us.  

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 2. Ready Seal 512

Next on our list is Ready Seal 512 oil-based paint. This unit came in exquisite packaging, and got a manual as well.

I like the feeling of oil-based paint as it gives the correct finish. Moreover, if you are primarily looking for oil-based paint for your fences, this is indeed a good option.

This product comes with a tinted stain and a sealer; you can easily add more color and protection within the same bucket. 

I love the ease of the product as the bucket is user-friendly. The stain is transparent and does not give any cakey look, and allows the wood to absorb the grain and provide a more natural look.

I used the stain on the unfinished surface as a topcoat. There is no thinning required; roll, brush and spray the stain on the surfaces.

Just apply the second coat once the first coat is fully absorbed.

Highlighting features:

  • Easy to maintain product that requires primer.
  • Works well with a sprayer.
  • It never leaves any running elements.
  • No wet-line application.

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3. Rust-Oleum 7578838-6

Rust-oleum is a known product in town and makes high-quality products that are environmentally friendly as well.

The products by Rust-Oleum are always a safe bet; hence the result is good. This unit is more of a commercial formula and stands out compared to the other units on our list.

Moreover, this unit has a quick-drying formula and dries in almost 12-15 minutes. 

I loved using this product due to the feature and had a good time painting my fences. The fence was ready for the second coat in less than 15 minutes.

I don’t particularly appreciate using brushes for painting the walls. I used a sprayer, and to my surprise, this unit worked well with the sprayer as well.

Rust-Oleum is an oil-based paint that covers up to 14 square feet; and comes as a pack of six.

Highlighting features:

  • Highly durable, environment-safe oil-based formula.
  • It resists corrosion and gives a smooth cut.
  • It covers up to 14 square feet in one go.
  • Quick-drying formula.

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4. Majic Paints 8-9406-2

If you are more of a social person who likes to experience other colors, this unit is an excellent deal for you.

If white is not your color and you want to adventure with different colors, you can choose between 12 bold colors of Majic Paints.

I ordered Serenity for my fences, and I loved it. The color was more of a shade of green and went well with my garden.

In the future, I will experiment with other colors as well. 

It is water-based paint and prevents scratches as well. This paint is not just for wooden fences.

You can use it on many other surfaces such as metal, brick, drywall, steel, tile, etc. It is more of a user-friendly product that dries in minutes.

There is no need to prime the surface beforehand; open the bucket and start painting.

Highlighting features:

  • This unit is ideal for DIY projects.
  • You can use this paint to revamp your furniture.
  • Easy to apply the product.
  • Quick-drying time formula.

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5. Montage Signature

Next on our list is another happening product. This unit is one of my favorites, and I enjoyed using it. It came as neat and clean packaging with a lot of bubble wrap to prevent accidents.

Well, I like the whole vibe of this product as it does not directly go into your respiratory tract and gives a subtle feeling. They are low VOC and not harmful at all.

Moreover, it is made from recycled paint; hence, it is environment-friendly.

You won’t be inhaling any dangerous fumes, and this unit will protect your fences from molds, water, milder and other elements. You can use this product on metal or wood.

The montage signature is suitable for exterior and interior finishes, and you can choose between the low sheen and semi-gloss variety.

Highlighting features:

  • It is a low-sheen finished unit.
  • Extremely versatile professional product.
  • This unit offers superior coverage.
  • One can choose between 12 different colors.

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6. KILZ Exterior

KILZ is a known brand, and they provide top-notch quality products. This brand is on my list, as it is a well-reputed brand, and I had a great time experimenting with this product.

Firstly, this product is an Oil and water-based formula. It is a combination of both water and Oil, which gives exceptional results.

It is a durable unit that resists cracking, peeling, and fading paint. 

The paint on the wood does not chip, and you can also clean it with soapy water and a brush.

One bucket covers up to 500 square feet; hence, I was satisfied with the overall quantity of the product.

The formula is fast drying, and it will make your project speedier—a self-priming oil/water-based paint, no need to worry about more work. 

Highlighting features:

  • One bucket covers up to 500 square feet.
  • You can clean the paint with soapy water.
  • The drying time is super-quick.
  • Works well with all kinds of surfaces.

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7. Valspar 3125-10

The next on our list is another impressive unit. Valspar 3125-10 is a fantastic product that goes well with a natural backyard or lawn setting.

If you are a fan of custom colors and natural colors, this unit is an excellent deal for you.

The Valspar fence is a great choice, and I liked working with custom colors, as it was more of an experience. 

The one coat application keeps the UV rays out of attention and resists mildew, mold, and fading.

The stain is transparent and offers a natural look. They have a variety of colors available; you can choose between a color palette.

The paint will even work with a sprayer. Hence, if you are not a brush person, use a sprayer for this unit. 

Highlighting features:

  • This paint works well with a sprayer as well.
  • You can choose between a variety of colors.
  • This unit is fade and weather resistant.
  • One coat is enough for a fence to shine.

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8. Wood Defender

Wood defender is an excellent product, and it is pretty economical as well. I like to experiment with products, especially those associated with DIYs.

I randomly picked this product, delivered to me in excellent packaging. 

This unit is exterior and outdoor paint available in two colors. This paint is recommended for the white picket fences, and the paint goes smoothly into the walls.

The drying time is also pretty commendable, and I love how it dried so smooth and clean. This unit gives a soft and durable finish.

Moreover, it is a weather-resistant unit and indeed ideal for exterior surfaces.

However, I would not recommend this unit for any interior surface as it will give a patchy look.

Highlighting features:

  • This unit highlights the pigments.
  • The paint is resistant to UV rays.
  • The color will glorify the fences.
  • The drying time is smooth and fast.

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9. RUST-OLEUM 03101

Yes, we love Rust-Oleum. It is a well-reputed and well-known brand that has been in this field for ages.

Hence, I love to experiment with different rust oleum products for DIY projects. Rust-Oleum 03101 is a mildew-proof paint that goes well with exterior surfaces.

I would not recommend using 03101 for the interior surfaces as they will not look clean and finished.

Moreover, this unit guarantees to prevent mold for over five years. It is a high-performing product with an acrylic formulation. 

The durability level of this product is indeed satisfying, and you will love the whole application process.

It is a two-coat application formula that prevents moisture, peel, and cracks.

Highlighting features:

  • It is a five-year guaranteed high-performing product.
  • Just two coats and you are good to go.
  • This unit gives a finished look to your project.
  • It is a weather-resistant product.

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10. Jetcoat Farm Pride

The last on our list is Jetcoat Farm Pride. As the name suggests, this product is an outdoor range paint.

It is a top-rated product; credit goes to its exceptional fade-resistant ability.

It is more of a water-based formula combined with UV inhibitors that further enhances the life of the wood. 

The paint is easy to use, and you can even use a sprayer. This unit will not demand any extra coat; just one application is sufficient for the wooden surfaces.

Moreover, one gallon covers around 100 square feet. The finish is non-toxic. Hence, the product is environmentally safe.

Highlighting features:

  • It is an easy to apply, high-performing product.
  • It is a water-based formula that protects the surface from UV rays.
  • The dry is non-toxic, and the paint is weather resistant.
  • You can clean it with soapy water and a brush.

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FAQs About Wooden Fence Paint

Okay, so if you have decided to paint your wooden fence, let me answer some frequently asked questions.

Moreover, you need to understand what type of paint you are comfortable working with.

It would be best if you also decided whether you want an exterior or an interior paint; or a combination of both.

Should my house and fences be the same color?

Well, this entirely depends upon you and your preferences. There is no rule of thumb for the same color.

You can choose any color; or create harmony between the color of your house and fence.

Can I use a roller to paint my wooden fence?

Yes, absolutely why not? But it also depends on the type of fence. The roller goes exceptionally well with the picket, private, and masonry fences.

Hence, if you have the walls, as mentioned earlier, you can use a roller, depending on the type of fence you have.

Is it better to paint or stain a fence?

This entirely depends upon the kind of look you want to achieve. The stain looks good on the new fences. However, the paint is suitable for older wood.

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