Best Paint Roller Cover 2023 Reviews (Top 10)

Are you looking for the best paint roller cover? We tried many of them, and here are the top 10 picks for helping you make a good decision.

DIY projects are fun, and most importantly, they are cost-effective. However, painting requires a lot of dedication and quality tools.

Not to mention, you cannot execute a proper paint without using the right paint roller cover.

Best Paint Roller Covers (Top 10 Choices)





Purdy White Dove Roller Cover

Woven dralon fabric

9 inch

ALAZCO Paint Roller Cover

Blend polyethylene fibers

3 inch

Wooster Brush R291-9


9 inch

Crows Foot Foam Texture Roller Cover


9 inch

Purdy 140636093 Lambskin Roller Cover

100% Lambs wool

9 inch

The Roller Cover

Plastic construction

9 1/2 inch

Wooster Brush R017-14

Green fiberglass reinforced nylon cage

14 inch

Purdy 144630093 Colossus Roller Cover

Polyamide Material

9 inch

Shur-Line 2006905

Knit fibers

9 inch

Wooster Brush RR643-9 Pro/Doo-Z

Polypropylene fibers

9 inch

1. Purdy White Dove Roller Cover

The first on our list is Purdy White Dove Roller Cover. Whether you apply latex paint or oil paint, the dove roller cover works amazingly on any surface.

Most importantly, you can work with all paints and stains with this roller cover without worrying about brushstrokes and fall-outs. 

The final touch from this roller cover is lint-free and without any extra brush strokes. In simpler words, using this roller cover for your DIY project, you will achieve a smooth painting experience.

However, the only drawback of this dove roller cover; it soaks up a lot of paint.

But if you are into oil-based paints—this roller cover is perfect and will provide you with a smooth finish.

Highlighting features:

  • This cover is made out of woven dralon fabric.
  • Works perfect for both latex and oil-based paints.
  • It provides a smooth, lint-free finish.
  • It helps in applying the color evenly; in less time.


  • It works perfectly with all types of paint
  • It prevents the lint
  • There are no fall-outs


  • It soaks a lot of paint

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2. ALAZCO Paint Roller Cover

Next on our list is the ALAZO Paint roller. The majority of the paint roller covers are 9 inches or wider. However, this specific product is an excellent deal for general use; and they are perfect for confined space.

We had a great time painting corners and edges with this cover, as they can be used as an alternative for brushwork as well. 

Not to mention, it comes with a complete set of 1 paint roller frame and three roller covers.

However, if you are looking for a total purchase and a one-stop solution for your DIY projects, ALAZCO covers are perfect for you.

In addition, polyethylene fibers restrict the amount of paint and prevent splatters while rolling across the surface.

But the only thing that we did not like, and as compared to the Purdy white dove roller cover—this cover leaves a bit of lint.

Highlighting features:

  • The handling process is smooth.
  • Blend polyethylene fibers for extra paint absorption.
  • This cover is shed-resistant and offers low splatter.
  • Spin-free action; works faster with less grease.


  • It works as a fine brush too
  • It does not splatter the paint
  • There are no fall outs


  • It does not prevent lint

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3. Wooster Brush R291-9

DIY projects also demand professional and quality tools. Wooster Brush R291-9 has a unique design, and it also provides complete paint capacity and consistency.

The buff-colored 100% natural cover with synthetic backing is known for holding a lot of paint in one go. Not to mention, this cover releases the color quickly and smoothly.

R2191-9 is also known for easy cleaning and natural fibers.

Moreover, this product is waterproof and goes well with all kinds of paints, including latex and satin lacquer.

You will be getting uniform paint coverage and extra grip to keep the dripping to a minimum range.

In addition to this, a ½ inch nap makes this cover an ideal unit for semi-rough spaces and surfaces.

Highlighting features:

  • This unit is ideal for semi-rough spaces.
  • It works well with all kinds of paints.
  • The dual polypropylene core resists water solvency.
  • Excellent grip on paint and less dripping.


  • The fibres are natural and do not splatter
  • It covers the paint very efficiently
  • The brush is waterproof


  • It needs to be cleaned after every use

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4. Crows Foot Foam Texture Roller Cover

Beautiful patterns on walls and ceilings look appealing and aesthetic. However, finding the quality tool is indeed a task.

Crows Foot Foam Texture Roller Cover is one of the most outstanding roller covers that will help you create a masterpiece. 

The cover goes well with a 9-inch paint roller frame; and will not leave any blemish or defect on the wall.

Moreover, compared to the Wooster brush roller cover, this cover does not demand any solvent and goes perfectly well even with oil-based paints.

The results achieved from this cover are consistent, and most importantly, the easy application is the highlight of this unit.

Highlighting features:

  • This cover goes well with all 9-inches roller frames.
  • Easy application method and no dripping.
  • No need to use any solvent.
  • The foam properly grips the paint.


  • It does not need any solvent
  • The paint does not splatter on the surface
  • It goes well with all kinds of paints


  • It does not prevent lint

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 5. Purdy 140636093 Lambskin Roller Cover

With roller cover, the painting project becomes more manageable. The Purdy Lambskin roller cover works exceptionally well with oil paints.

However, they work reasonably well for water-based paints, but they are best for oil paints. Compared to Purdy white, this unit is compatible with oil-based and varnish items. 

Not to mention, lambskin survives multiple washes; therefore, this cover is durable. Also, even if this cover breaks apart, it will never be shed.

There will be no loose strands, even after a long time. In addition to this, purdy has strong water repellent characteristics.

However, the key is to maintain the cover and properly clean it after use.

Highlighting features:

  • This cover is perfect for oil-based work.
  • The lambskin enhances the lifespan of the cover.
  • There will be no loose strands.
  • This unit possesses strong water repellent characteristics.


  • It does perfectly well with oil-based paint
  • It does not create splatter with loose strands
  • It comes with strong water repellent characteristics


  • It is high-maintenance product

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6. The Roller Cover

Next on our list is a unit to get on a realistic budget for your DIY projects.

Most importantly, applying paint on walls and other surfaces demands a lot of concentration, and paint dripping is a common problem that leaves blemishes on the wall.

However, the roller cover is easy to use, and as compared to the white dove cover, this unit fits all the standard roller covers, which measure up to 9 or more inches. 

Not to mention, this product is made out of durable plastic; hence, no extra paint and waste. Also, there is no need to remove the sleeves from the handle; you can work without making any such efforts.

However, the only drawback of the roller cover is you cannot have a smooth painting experience in corners and narrow spaces.

Highlighting features:

  • An airtight seal allows you to store the wet roller.
  • Without taking the sleeve off the handle, you can start working without any extra effort.
  • This unit is made out of plastic construction.
  • No need to use any other plastic wrap.


  • One can store the wet roller
  • It comes with a plastic space
  • It resists lint and moisture


  • It cannot cover the narrow spaces

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7. Wooster Brush R017-14

Another roller cover from Wooster; this unit creates an extra-large swath of paint. Not to mention, this cover goes well with a 14-15 inches roller head.

The excellent design and construction are commendable; the body is effortless to use and handy. The internal bearing keeps the cover in the loop. 

The spinning action allows you to paint without leaving any blemishes effortlessly. The cover’s ergonomic construction and the polypropylene handle make the work even more accessible.

However, the only thing that we did not enjoy about this unit was the noise issue; it made a lot of noise during the process.

Highlighting features:

  • Extremely smooth rotation.
  • The construction and design are ergonomic.
  • This unit goes well with 14-15 inches roller heads.
  • Easy to use, even in narrow spaces.


  • It is a great product even for 14-15 inches brush
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • It does not leave any splatters


  • It is not a user-friendly brush

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8. Purdy 144630093 Colossus Roller Cover

Next on our list is Purdy Colossus Roller Cover. However, compared to the Purdy white dove roller cover, this unit is a bit more professional.

This roller cover gives outstanding performance when it comes to painting rough surfaces. Not to mention, it does not take up a lot of paint than any other standard covers.

Moreover, the smooth and gentle finish is indeed commendable. However, we recommend pairing this cover with purdy rollers as they are more compatible with the same frames.

The microfibril surface of the cover avoids extra splatter and dribbling.

In addition to this, the microfiber roller is made out of polypropylene core, which makes the cover long-lasting.

Highlighting features:

  • This unit works perfectly on rough surfaces.
  • The cover can work with all kinds of paint.
  • The microfibril cover avoids extra splatter.
  • This product is made out of polypropylene core.


  • It is a professional roller cover
  • It prevents lint
  • The roller is easy to handle and clean


  • It does not cover corner and narrow spaces

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9. Shur-Line 2006905

Another splendid roller cover on our list, Shur-line 2006905, is a professional roller cover.

Moreover, compared to all other roller covers in our selection, this cover has a Teflon coating.

The coating of this cover makes the painting cover easier and manageable. 

This unit is indeed one of the handiest covers on our list; the layer provides an edge for proper cleaning of the material and ensures that no residual paint is left on the cover.

Not to mention, due to the coating, the covers last for longer.

The Teflon textured roller cover looks unique and has a weak outlook. Moreover, it goes well with all kinds of paint.

Highlighting features:

  • The high-density knit fibers hold more paint.
  • This cover is ideal for thick colors.
  • The Teflon coating eases the use.
  • The layer of the cover ensures that no residue is left.


  • The fibers hold good amount of paint
  • The fibers are of good quality
  • The design is ergonomic


  • It is not an ideal brush for water based paints

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10. Wooster Brush RR643-9 Pro/Doo-Z

The last on our list is another professional cover by Wooster. This unit will cover each nook and corner of your house.

You can quickly renovate your home with this cover, as this cover is designed in such a manner that the microfibers are synthetic and provide a better finish and coverage. 

The polypropylene fibers act as water and are solvent resistant. Not to mention, the high-density fibers make it easier to clean the cover.

We had a perfect time testing this unit, with no splattering and shedding the paint.

Moreover, no extra use of paint; you will get a smooth finish without thick coating.

Highlighting features:

  • This cover soaks up minimum paint.
  • The microfibers are synthetic and provide a premium finish.
  • The high-density fibers make the cleaning process easy.
  • This cover resists the shedding of the color.


  • The brush holds good amount of paint
  • The paint does not splatter
  • It gives a synthetic finish


  • It does not go with all types of paint

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Factors to consider while buying a paint roller cover:

Paint rollers will do the job, and you will be able to paint by just using a roller.

However, you will yield better results with a proper paint roller cover. But, it is not an easy task to identify which roller cover you should buy.

Let’s discuss some factors to consider while purchasing a paint roller cover.


The most crucial factor to consider before buying a paint roller cover is to check the material of the fibers.

We recommend you buy a synthetic fiber roller cover as they are more versatile. The synthetic fiber cover makes the work easy, and they work well with all kinds of paint.


The length of the fibers is an important decision. There are different naps, but the shorter the nap, the smoother the surface.

Using a long nap will always create a bump. Make sure that you check the length of the cover before buying it.

Type of paint:

Not all paints go well with all covers. First, you need to decide the type of paint you will use for your project. Once you determine the kind of paint, only then buy the cover.

For example, buy a shed-resistant cover if you use gloss or semi-gloss paint.

Buying Guide for Roller Paint Covers

Painting is therapeutic. It is fun to spruce up any room or area with fresh paint and the right tools. Not to mention doing things on their own increases the pride and satisfaction of completing a job. One tool necessary for any painting project is the paint roller cover.

This time I decided to revamp my house, and I collected all the necessary materials I needed. Paint roller covers are a must-have that should not be overlooked because they help apply the paint evenly and effectively.

Paint roller covers are designed to hold and apply the paint evenly on different surfaces, such as walls, ceilings, furniture, etc. Choosing the right type of paint roller cover is important to ensure quality coverage and an even finish.

A paint roller cover has many benefits. They are designed to spread an even layer of paint over a surface with minimal effort,  saving you time and energy.

They are also designed to hold the paint, making it easier to cover more area with less paint. Also, roller covers provide better coverage and fewer streaks than brushes or foam rollers.


A paint roller cover is made of fabrics like nylon, polyester, and woollen. The fabric will determine the performance of the roller. Nylon covers are low-linting, meaning they are less messy when painting.

Polyester covers are great for smooth surfaces because they provide a streak-free finish. Woollen covers are better suited to rougher surfaces, providing greater coverage and thickness. Choose the fabric based on the surface you’re painting and the desired finish.


The nap is what gives the roller cover texture so that it can pick up paint for application. The nap will depend on the type of surface being painted, as thicker naps are better for rougher surfaces. Generally, the thicker the nap, the more paint it will hold.

Short naps are great for smooth surfaces and provide more even coverage. Longer naps are better suited to rough or porous surfaces and will provide better coverage in fewer coats. Choose the right nap according to your desired finish and surface texture.


The core is the tube at the center of the roller that holds the fabric in place. It is usually made of either plastic or metal, and can have different diameters. The thicker cores are better for exterior projects as they withstand wear and tear better than thinner ones.

Thinner cores provide more maneuverability and are better suited to interior projects. Choose the right core depending on the surface and finish that you’re looking for.

Type of paint:

The type of paint you are using will also play a role in choosing the right roller cover. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions on which type of roller cover is suitable for your specific paint. Different types of rollers are better suited to different paints, so make sure you choose the right one.


The diameter of a roller cover will determine the amount of coverage it can provide per stroke. A larger diameter roller is best for covering large surfaces quickly, while a smaller one is great for precision work.

Choose the right diameter to ensure you get the desired coverage in the least amount of time.

Now that you know the key factors to consider when buying a paint roller cover, you’ll be able to find one that works best for your particular project. With the right fabric, nap, core and diameter, you can get a perfect finish every time.

So take some time to think about these factors before investing in any type of roller cover.


What is a paint roller cover?

A paint roller cover is an essential piece of painting equipment used to apply the paint evenly and quickly to surfaces. It consists of a fabric or foam sleeve that fits over the head of a standard paint roller frame. The cover can be removed and replaced easily, allowing for different textures and thicknesses of paint.

What types of roller covers are available?

Roller covers come in various materials, sizes and textures to suit different painting needs. Common materials include foam, synthetic blends, velvet and lambswool. The size of the cover should correspond with the size of the roller frame it is being used with. Different textures will give different paint finishes, such as smooth, semi-gloss or textured.

How long does the roller cover last?

The life of a roller cover depends on the type of material it is made from and how often it is used; generally, a good quality cover should last for several painting projects. Foam roller covers tend to be the least durable, while synthetic blend and lambswool covers often last longer.

How do I clean a paint roller cover?

Before cleaning any type of cover, make sure that it has been rinsed thoroughly in water to remove any excess paint. Foam roller covers can be washed in a washing machine, while other materials may require hand-washing or spot cleaning with a damp cloth. Allow the cover to air dry before storing or reusing it.

How should I store my paint roller cover?

To preserve your roller cover, make sure it is completely dry before storing it. For long-term storage, wrap the cover in a plastic bag or store it in an airtight container. Make sure not to leave the roller cover exposed to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures as this may damage the fabric. With proper care and storage, your paint roller cover should last for many painting projects.

What safety precautions should I take when using a paint roller cover?

Always use protective eye wear and gloves when painting, as well as a mask to protect your lungs from any airborne particles. Make sure to read the instructions provided with your roller cover thoroughly before using it, and follow all safety warnings closely. Be careful not to over-load the roller cover with too much paint, as this can lead to splattering and mess. Finally, make sure to dispose of any used roller covers responsibly.

Are there any tips for using a paint roller cover?

Yes! To get the best results when painting, start by prepping the surface with a good primer. When applying paint with the roller, start from the top of the wall and work your way down in even strokes. For best results, always use a new roller cover when painting instead of reusing an old one. Lastly, make sure to clean your roller cover immediately after use; this will help extend its life and save you time and money in the long run.

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