Best Pedestal Fans 2022 (Beat the Heat)

Looking for the best pedestal fans in the market?

Keeping in mind the intense heat and the consistently rising electricity bills that an air conditioner or a humidifier for large rooms leads to, pedestal fans are considered life-saving in staying cost-effective and keeping my family relaxed. 

Nowadays, you can find pedestal fans with innovative features that won’t just captivate but also surprise you.

Irrespective of where you’re seated at home, you can set the fan in any direction.

Best Pedestal Fans (10 Best Choices):


Adjustable Height

Remote Control


Lasko 1843 Remote Control Cyclone Pedestal Fan



Lasko 1827 Elegance & Performance Adjustable Pedestal Fan



PELONIS PFS40D6ABB DC Motor Ultra Quiet Pedestal Fan



Amazon Basics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan



Honeywell Double Blade 16 Pedestal Fan



Lasko 1820 Elegance and Performance Adjustable Performance Fan



Lasko 2535 52″ Space-Saving Pedestal Tower Fan



PELONIS 16-Inch 3-Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan



Vornado 683DC Energy Smart Pedestal Fan



BLACK+DECKER 16 Inches Stand Fan



1. Lasko 1843 Remote Control Cyclone Pedestal Fan

This pedestal fan functions efficiently and looks just as elegant as the other classic designs.

  • Adjustable Height
  • Wide Oscillation
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Built-in Timer
  • Directional Louvers
  • Simple no-tools assembly

This Lasko pedestal fan is the perfect cool-down fan for these extreme summers with its top wind-blowing functions.

It was easy to put together with minimal effort and caters to all our needs, including airflow throughout the room with its wide oscillation function. 

Moreover, it saves energy using the built-in timer function while also safe through the built-in safety mechanisms. 

The electronic controls made the usage efficient and straightforward, as did the easy instruction manual, making this an ideal purchase.

Nonetheless, this fan is noisy for silent sleepers, but for us, considering we are used to noises that drain out the surrounding sounds, this fan is perfect.

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2. Lasko 1827 Elegance & Performance Adjustable Pedestal Fan

This adjustable fan stands right on top of my list due to its superior quality performance and easy-to-move-around design.

  • 3 Quiet, Energy-Efficient Speeds
  • Adjustable Height
  • Tilt-back fan Head
  • Widespread Oscillation
  • Blue Plug Patented Safety Fuse Technology
  • Simple No Tools Assembly

This pedestal fan has worked better than several of its much more expensive competitors at the offered price range. 

The assembling took just a few minutes, and the powerful air throw cooled down the room instantly.

Considering that we were looking for something that lasts a long time and moves a considerable air volume at even the low setting, this was the ideal fan. 

Moreover, the fan is adjustable whether I’m sitting on the floor or my bed, adding advantages.

However, this makes noise, which is beneficial considering it drowns out the excess noises while sleeping and helps me sleep better.

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3. PELONIS PFS40D6ABB DC Motor Ultra Quiet Pedestal Fan

The Pelonis DC Motor Pedestal Fan has been a premium choice for me, considering its powerful airflow and cost-efficiency.

  • Ultra-Quiet
  • Energy Efficient
  • Powerful wind
  • In-built Safety Mechanism
  • 12 hours programmed timer
  • Power-off memory function
  • Multi-function remote control

If you’re skeptical about purchasing this five-leaf fan, do not worry. This fan barely made any noise, and the 12-speed control settings gave me complete control over the airflow throughout the room while maintaining strong wind-throw. 

Furthermore, this pedestal fan is sturdy and built in the top quality, saving our pocket and not being extremely expensive compared to its counterparts and the functions it offers. 

In addition, the electric oscillation helps maintain airflow throughout the room while I did not need to get up from my place to manage it due to its remote-control feature, which was an added benefit in my view.

Nonetheless, the assembly of this fan could’ve been more manageable, but it is a one-time thing that I considered worth it for the quality and service the fan provides. 

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4. Amazon Basics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan

The Amazon Dual Blade Pedestal Fan is a go-to due to the plethora of features it provides to its users.

  • Blade oscillating pedestal fan with automatic oscillation
  • Adjustable height
  • Three breeze modes
  • Easy digital operation
  • Automatic on/ off timer
  • Remote Control
  • 120 volt/ 55 watt power consumption

This fan was easy and hassle-free to assemble and took us less than an hour. 

It’s powerful and cools down the entire room while keeping the noise level minimal. Due to its wide oscillation, it covers a larger area, and the adjustable stand is firm, stable, and sturdy. 

The remote control added to the ease of purchasing as it provides control over all the functions right from where I’m sitting without moving around much. 

Moreover, the automatic on and off setting ensures safety and saves electricity.

Despite these qualities, this fan has a plastic part that joins the two cages, making it hard to assemble, but we overcame that by using a zip tie instead, and the fan works perfectly well.

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5. Honeywell Double Blade 16 Pedestal Fan

The Honeywell Pedestal Fan is sturdy and attractive, with unique features that make it an outstanding choice.

  • No-Noise Functioning
  • Three Speed Settings
  • Three airflow type settings
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable tilt fan head
  • Electronic LED controls
  • 1 to 8-hour auto-off timer

This pedestal fan is quiet, reliable, and well–built. With a surprisingly heavy base excluding any chances of tripping and a lightweight grill, this fan also has a second blade in the center, giving a higher total volume of air. 

Moreover, it has an automatic oscillating function that does not make extra and random noises while oscillating, as has been a major complaint by my family. 

Also, this has four separate timer controls, which help reduce energy consumption and thus electricity cost. 

However, the blue lights on the front display are a distraction when I want to sleep with this fan, considering

I like sleeping in complete darkness, but this fan is ideal other than this personal issue.

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6. Lasko 1820 Elegance and Performance Adjustable Performance Fan

Lasko 1820 is an all-in-one pedestal fan proving to be a formidable competitor to its counterparts based on its features. 

  • Three Energy-Efficient Speeds
  • Adjustable Height
  • Wide Oscillation
  • Adjustable tilt-back fan head 
  • Blue Plug Patented Safety Fuse Technology
  • No tools assembly
  • Manual controls

This fan is a lightweight piece with easy assembly at a great price. The adjustable features add to ease and efficiency of usage, while the speed settings guarantee greater control of the airflow through your room.  

This fan oscillates without being jerky, unlike majority fans. Its fan also has an aesthetic and attractive design. 

In addition, this fan has a mighty gale–like power throw at speed setting three, thus cooling your rooms on even the hottest of days while staying within budget.   

The only drawback is that the power cord is relatively shorter, but we used an extension and were good to go.

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7. Lasko 2535 52″ Space-Saving Pedestal Tower Fan


This pedestal fan from Lasko is another favorite option in terms of strength and sturdiness.

  • Adjustable Height
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • LED Display
  • Directional Louvers
  • Built-in Safety Mechanisms
  • Electronic Controls

This fan was perfect for our tall king-size bed as it has a sleek design, providing airflow throughout the room. 

Additionally, for those like us looking for white noises to help you sleep, this fan consistently provides the perfect noise without any obstruction, which aids in a good night’s sleep. 

Moreover, the built-in shut-off timer is energy efficient and saves the pocket from hefty electricity bills.

However, this fan does not oscillate to cover a vast space, and so it’s perfect for when we’re sleeping but not necessarily when we have a group of friends over. 

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8. PELONIS 16-Inch 3-Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan

This pedestal fan from Pelonis is a premium choice in proving to be a value for money for the features it provides.

  • Three Speed settings fan
  • Wide Angle Oscillation
  • Adjustable Height
  • Heavy-duty base
  • Auto timer shut off
  • Powerful motor
  • Built-in overheat protection

This fan comes with a responsive and straightforward remote control that aids in its use.

Similarly, it’s also easy to assemble and user-friendly with inbuilt safety precautions that add to its benefit. 

The wide-angle oscillation ensures covering the entire room and circulating the air throughout. 

Also, its auto shutting timer and built-in overheat protection guarantee the safety of both our pocket in terms of electricity bills and general security in terms of any sparks.

Moreover, its remote control aids us being lazy and thus not having to move around to control the fan’s functions.

Nonetheless, this fan creates a lot of noise at its highest speed which may not be a hassle throughout the day but won’t be ideal for sleeping at night.

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9. Vornado 683DC Energy Smart Pedestal Fan

The overall aesthetics of the Vornado Energy Smart fan is eye-catching and unique with exceptional functionality. With distinctive features, it is a solid contender for other quality pedestal fans.

  • Powerful Vortex Action
  • Brushless DC Motor
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Multi-directional airflow
  • Pivoting head
  • Adjustable height
  • Deep pitched blades
  • Inlet guide cone
  • Enclosed air duct
  • Spiral grill

Vornado never fails to surprise me with its top-of-the-line, premium quality fans.

Considering the 683DC Energy Smart Fan, we can see how it’s perfect in terms of the variable speed options it provides, making it a top choice for us. 

Adding to this, the Vornado pedestal fan is portable and has a multi-directional airflow covering our room completely.

The spiral grill and enclosed air duct promise a smooth airflow, while the adjustable height adds to the ease of use throughout. 

In addition, it has a sturdy design with superior support that ensures long-lasting.

Despite these fantastic features, one aspect that brings this fan down the notch is the power brick situation which makes clumsy individuals like me stub their toes and end up hurting themselves. But wrap it alongside the base, and you’re good to go.

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10. BLACK+DECKER 16 Inches Stand Fan

This pedestal fan is a heavy-duty, multi-purpose fan built to cater to your needs with its innovative design.

  • Three Speed
  • Adjustable Height
  • Tilt Angle Fan Head
  • Widespread Oscillation
  • Timer-off Function
  • Onboard storage
  • Simple front panel control

This pedestal fan is ideal for weight, looks, and usage, providing enough support to ensure it doesn’t knock off easily while putting out a good amount of airflow throughout the room, especially in a higher power setting. 

The simple front panel control aids in making it user-friendly alongside the easy-to-use remote control. 

Alongside this, the fan has ongoing construction while staying durable and long-lasting. 

However, this fan is slightly hard to assemble and put together due to technicality in certain parts, which we sorted out once we read methods to put it together online.

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How to choose the perfect pedestal fan?

  • Size of the Room

When you’re buying a pedestal fan, there is often a tendency to overlook this factor. But you need to be aware of your room size to select a fan with an appropriate size.

If this is overlooked, there are chances of getting a fan that’s too small for your space. You might also end up spending a large sum of money for a powerful fan only to realize that it’s too big for your small-sized room. 

  • Shut down Timer

If you often forget to turn off your fan, it’s always better to choose a pedestal fan with a timer feature. This also helps save energy if you don’t want the fan to run for the entire night. 

You can find fans that come with a programmable setting of 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, or sometimes even up to 8 hours. 

  • Fixed or Directional

If you’re getting a fan for a small room that requires spot cooling, the fixed head feature will be suitable for your needs.

But, if you want to place the pedestal fan in a room that has other people seated, it’s better to go for the directional head.

For a larger space, it’s better to have the tilt back and oscillating feature because you can thus direct the indoor air at different angles.

  • Noise generated

When the sound level is lower than 60 decibels, it’s considered to be relatively quiet.

Whether the fan is noisy and will disrupt your day-to-day activities can only be determined by the location that you want to place it in. 

However, quiet fans are generally more expensive. And unless you’re a light sleeper or getting the fan for the study room, you can opt for the standard ones with lower decibels.

  • Adjustable height

The modern fans have the adjustable height feature, which allows you to set the height according to the area you want to target or the distance from the ground.

You can move the stand up and down to circulate the air in the right spot. We advise you to look out for this component as it comes of great use to increase personal relaxation.

  • Remote control

Just like the programmable timer, which is an added benefit for pedestal fans, you’ll also find models that come with remote control.

It’s helpful to have a remote control to set the fan speed or to switch it on/off, especially if you’re too lazy to get up to turn it off. 


Pedestal fans have become a necessity, given the ever-changing weather and global warming.

Thus, we have rounded a list of the top-quality pedestal fans saving you the hassle and making it easy to choose as per your need. 

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