Best String Trimmer Head 2023 Reviews

We ordered 27 trimmer heads from multiple companies, and here are the 10 best string trimmer heads.

A string trimmer is a versatile must-have instrument that helps to remove weeds from grass. It reaches hard-to-get areas and achieving your lawn grass’s specific height and shape.

However, its efficiency is directly related to the quality and build of its trimmer head.

A trimmer head is a vital interchangeable component of your string trimmer. A good trimmer head will not only save you time through fast and efficient cutting but will also last for a much longer period. 

Selecting the top head requires taking several factors such as durability, size, and compatibility in regard.

Best String Trimmer Head (Top 10 Picks)



Hold Capacity



Husqvarna T25 tap advance Trimmer Head

0.065" to 0.105"

Straight as well as curved shaft trimmers

Maxpower Pivotrim string trimmer attachment head

0.80" and .095"

Universal Fit

Weed Warrior EZ lock head trimmer head

.08" to .015"

Universal Fit

Echo universal 400 Trimmer head


Limited market models

Oregon trimmer head

.095" to .105"

Straight shaft trimmers only

Husqvarna T35

.08" to .095"

Straight shaft trimmers

Grassgator Heavy Duty String Trimmer Head

.095" or .080"

Straight shaft trimmer

Handy Camel Universal String Trimmer Head


Gas-powered models

Tanaka 32307 Quick load cutting head


Straight shaft trimmer

Oregon gator speed load trimmer head


Curved and straight shaft trimmer

1. Husqvarna T25 tap advance Trimmer Head

Husqvarna T25 tap advance Trimmer Head

One of the leading brands in the market, Husqvarna excels in all gardening tools. T25 is a nifty little trimmer head providing the following features

  • Can hold 0.065 to 0.105 inches line
  • Split design spool
  • Consumes minimal line
  • It fits straight as well as curved shaft trimmers
  • Extends the life of a trimmer
  • Titanium force trimmer line

This good build replacement head comes with an easy-to-load spool that will conveniently come off with its end cup.

Its top-load feature is an added convenience where I did not have to upturn the trimmer to reload.

The split design prevents tangling, and the arrow markings were a good guide for me regarding the direction you need to wind in.

Another unique T25 feature is that it comes with three threaded adapters, which you can use as per the need of different size trimmers available within the market!

So I think that this fixed line trimmer head is a great product for both beginners and professionals alike.

One of the few things that I didn’t like in this purchase—The string that came with the head was too thin and needed immediate replacement.


  • Has an easy-to-load spool in which lines can be loaded
  • Has an additional top feature of not upturning the trimmer while reloading lines
  • The trimmer head has a split design which prevents any sort of tangling
  • Contains arrow markings which proved to be useful for beginners
  • The trimmer head contains 3 threaded adapters which come in different sizes
  • The trimmer head extends the life of the trimmer
  • Ideal for both, beginners and professionals
  • Can fit both, straight and curved shaft trimmers
  • Has a titanium force trimmer line which is consumed at a smaller amount


  • Can hold up to 0.065 to 0.105 inches
  • The string that comes with the trimmer head is too thin and needs to be replaced

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2. Maxpower Pivotrim string trimmer attachment head

Maxpower Pivotrim string trimmer attachment head

This versatile weed eater head fits almost all kinds of trimmers available while providing you with the landscaping experience of your dreams! This unit comes with a lot of amazing features.

  • Universal
  • Six pivoting trimmer lines
  • Works with straight and curved shaft trimmer
  • Comes with precut lines
  • Metal material
  • Cost-effective
  • Time-efficient

This max power pivot rim string trimmer head proved itself a pretty practical product for the thick vegetation I had.

With eight strings attached to it, its cutting efficiency and speed increased multifold. 

The pivoting mechanism on this product allows the string to project out at high speed, yet when facing higher-than-normal resistance, they also pivot away to reduce breakage.

The head itself is made up of hard sturdy metal with no plastic body to create any hindrance, breaks, or cracks.

Moreover, replacing a worn-out line takes seconds. Just add a precut string into the pivot and pull tight. Viola!

The only drawback I faced was that this fixed line trimmer head does not accept heavier gauge string and that the plastic casing around the pivot pin can melt and jam the system in case of overheating.


  • Has 8 strings attached to it, which increase cutting efficiency and speed
  • Pivoting mechanism is sublime; it allows the string to run at high speed while facing any sort of resistance, and they pivot away to reduce breakage as well
  • The trimmer head is made up of a metallic material which prevents breaks and cracks
  • Worn-out Lines can easily be replaced with less time being consumed
  • Consumes less time
  • Cost effective
  • Contains 6 pivoting trimmer lines and comes with pre-cut lines
  • Can work with both straight and curved shaft trimmers


  • The trimmer head is not ideal for heavier gauge string
  • Plastic casing of the pivot pin can melt and jam up easily if overheated

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3. Weed Warrior EZ lock head trimmer head ($22)

Weed Warrior EZ lock head trimmer head

While WW EZ trimmer head is a commercial-grade product but can also be used at home for medium to heavy cutting. 

In addition to its universal compatibility, numerous other things make this trimmer head a sound choice for proficient work.

  • 4–5-year average life
  • Universal fit
  • Commercial grade
  • Rugged construction
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Fits line diameter of .08 to .015 inch

This particular fixed-line trimmer head is constructed with abrasion resistance and can therefore withstand extreme job demands conveniently.

Containing four easy-to-wind strings for better and faster trimming, WW EZ delivers precise cuts every time.

Once installed, there is no need for the hassle of constant spool changing as I didn’t have to open it each time to change the line!

Moreover, this trimmer head model is compatible with nearly all curved and straight shaft trimmers.

Additionally, despite its light frame, this model can see you through numerous years of usage easily.

What I didn’t like was that heavy use tends to cause the grass to get stuck inside the head, and although each line lasted me a long period yet the task of cutting it to the perfect length proved to be a hassle.


  • Is durable and has 4-5 years of average life
  • Is used commercially, withstanding extreme job demands and conveniently
  • Contains 4 wind strings for faster trimming with accuracy and precision
  • Is lightweight, but is long-lasting
  • It is compatible with both types, curved and straight shaft trimmers
  • Universal fit
  • After installation, the spool is not required to be opened before every line change


  • However, with heavy usage, the grass gets stuck inside the trimmer head
  • Rugged construction of the trimmer head
  • Fits line of diameter 0.08 to 0.015 inches
  • Requires focus while cutting grass to an ideal length

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4. Echo universal 400 Trimmer head

Echo universal 400 Trimmer head

Echo’s universal trimmer head is yet another great choice within our top ten list. This fixed line trimmer head has a great reputation and enjoys its place at the top of the public choice awards!

  • Universal trimmer
  • Easy installation
  • Line refilling within seconds
  • Durable construction
  • Long string capacity
  • Works best with ECHO products

Irrespective of the power source, this unit works effectively well with both straight and curved shaft trimmers. 

One of the fine features of this trimmer head is the time-saving ability; installing the head and winding the line together takes less than three minutes and allows me to start cutting within 5 minutes!

Although the long string of this trimmer head allows the user to go through a great amount of cutting before you will have to reload, which does not require any disassembly, I just had to insert around 20 feet of the line inside the eye-hole and then turn the top knob to wind the line around the spool.

Poorly written instruction manual, incompatibility with numerous market trimmers were a downer for me regarding this product.


  • Considered as a universal trimmer
  • Can easily be installed without any hassle
  • Has a time-saving ability as the head can be installed, and the line can be refilled easily in less time
  • Works ideally with ECHO products
  • Compatible with both straight and curved shaft trimmers
  • Has a durable construction and a longer string capacity
  • Reloading does not require the spool to be dissembled


  • However, it comes with a poorly written manual
  • Is not compatible with multiple market trimmers

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5. Oregon trimmer head

Oregon trimmer head

The Oregon 55-265 is a versatile and durable solution for all straight-shaft trimmers.

Its design and integral strength help it to stand apart from its comparable models. This head boasts numerous features to justify its great value.

  • Rugged construction
  • Semi-automatic
  • Compatible with straight shaft trimmers only
  • Under 30 second-line load time
  • 3-4 years average lifespan
  • Line tensioning system
  • Split spool

The amazing line tensioning system systematically reduces the intensity of vibrations significantly during spinning. 

This trimmer head is ideal for medium and heavy-duty and will most definitely outperform the company-installed one.

Loading time was 30 seconds or even less, and the semi-Matic head is designed in such a way that it handled all the different trimming and edging applications flawlessly.

The durable, extra-large eye-lets increase the head’s life by providing more space for the line to move and thus preventing unexpected snaps.

Also, the slightly depressed inner walls of the Oregon trimmer head catch fast-moving debris while saving the user’s arms and feet from any harm.

The assembly instructions for this trimmer head could have been more detailed and elaborate for my taste, but this con is not a deal-breaker for me! 

One downer is that this trimmer head is not universally compatible and can cost us more to buy straight shaft trimmers to use this head exclusively.


  • Versatile and durable when attached to straight shaft trimmers
  • Can easily last up to 4 years
  • Ideal for semi-professional work and outperforms company-installed product
  • Less loading time and semi-automatic handle trimming with precision
  • This durable head provides space for the line to move and prevents unexpected snaps
  • Split spool with line tensioning system
  • Ideal for the physical health of the user as it saves the human body from any harm


  • Rugged construction
  • Compatible with ONLY shaft trimmers and universally non-compatible
  • Assembly instructions are not in detail

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6. Husqvarna T35

Husqvarna T35

A larger version of its T25 counterpart, Husqvarna T35 is a professional-grade, advanced-level go-to trimmer head for all your garden needs.

  • Easy reloading capacity
  • Split design
  • Direction guiding arrows
  • Thick, long-lasting chord
  • Up to 28 feet line hold
  • Pre-wound titanium string
  • Easy spools reload
  • Includes adapters for different trimmers

Beginning with its amazing reloading capability, instead of turning your trimmer upside down, I could easily reload the spool by taking off the cap.

Additionally, the split design of this trimmer head handles tangling and line welding perfectly while the arrows direct you toward the correct winding direction, saving you time. 

Hold capacity of .08 to .095 inches and a simple usage mechanism, T35 is technically one of the best heads that the market has to offer currently.

I found the bumping mechanism not as smooth as I would have preferred, and the fact that T35 is not a universal trimmer head are some disadvantages of this model.


  • Has an easy reloading capacity
  • Ideal spool that can easily be reloaded without any hassle
  • Split design that prevents tangles and line welding with guided arrows to instruct the user
  • Thick long lasting chord with pre-wound titanium string
  • Contains different trimmer adapters
  • Up to 28 feet line hold


  • Bumping mechanism is not as smooth
  • It is a non-universal trimmer that is non-compatible with lesser products

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7. Grassgator Heavy Duty String Trimmer Head

Grassgator Heavy Duty String Trimmer Head

One of the more cost-effective trimmer heads by Grass Gator, this is the cheapest replacement head added to our review list, which is designed to give us the most value for money in the form of a long service life comparatively.

  • Compatible with straight shaft trimmer
  • Preloaded line
  • Steel structure
  • 14 feet line hold
  • 25cc or more engine power trimmers
  • Four precut lines

This versatile trimmer head can be attached to nearly all existing models. Grass gator works flawlessly on weed and grass.

The unit comes with a preloaded line and its holds a capacity of up to 14 feet. 

Installation is a breeze, and I was ready in no time to cut through the toughest corners easily.

This trimmer head is suitable for 25cc engines or more which is additional proof of its brute strength.

Although it works flawlessly with a straight shaft trimmer, this head can’t handle a curved shaft, so we need to keep that in mind.

As it’s made up of steel, the grass gator is comparatively heavier, with a medium-sized structure. 

In addition, the material quality of the spool and the overall product are lesser than that of its counterparts.


  • Versatile trimmer head that can be attached to all existing models
  • Installation is easy and less time consuming
  • Pre-loaded 14 feet line hold and 4 pre-cut lines
  • Has brute strength as the product is compatible with 25cc or more engine-powered trimmers
  • Ideal for grass and weed


  • Is ONLY compatible with straight shaft trimmers and not curved shaft
  • The trimmer head is made up of steel, so it is slightly heavier than other trimmer heads
  • Material quality of the spool is not sublime

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8. Handy Camel Universal String Trimmer Head

Handy Camel Universal String Trimmer Head

This brand is known to produce high-quality string trimmer heads, which will see us through long periods without creating any issues.

Here are a few basic features provided by handy Camel.

  • Compatible with gas-powered models
  • Wind-free line insertion
  • Reload time is in seconds
  • Strong cutting power

One of the most convenient aspects was the no-wind feature, i.e., I just had to insert the line inside the eyelids.

Secondly, the manual was helpful with impressive, and detailed instructions regarding installation.

This fixed line trimmer head could easily be readjusted or reloaded within seconds for a fuss-free cutting task. 

Despite being one of the simplest models, it has a super cutting power allowing me to save tremendous time.

The first con was that once the line breaks, it is a pain to switch out instead of the other tap-to-extend versions. 

Also, I went through the replacement lines; ordering more was way too expensive for this product to stay feasible for me regularly.


  • The trimmer head has a strong cutting power
  • It can be reloaded easily and in a few seconds
  • Has a no-wind feature where the lines have to only be inserted in the trimmer head
  • Has a good manual with helpful instructions for installation
  • Trimmer head can easily be readjusted
  • Precise time-saving cutting can be carried out
  • Compatible with gas-powered models


  • Difficult to switch a broken or damaged line
  • Replacement lines are quite expensive, and the product goes obsolete

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9. Tanaka 32307 Quick load cutting head

Tanaka 32307 Quick load cutting head

This super basic yet unbelievably tough new market entry model provides the quietest operation of all.

  • Push insert mechanism
  • Single line head
  • Compatible with straight shaft trimmer
  • Includes adapters
  • Line hold capacity from 0.08inch to 0.155 inch

The build of this trimmer head ensures fast and easy installation without needing any special tools. Almost as easy is its line loading mechanism, wherein I just had to push a button. 

Tanaka 32307 comes with six straps of 0.095 inches but has a holding capacity of a wider range.

Another add-on included in this purchase is the adapters that one might need for use on different string trimmer models.

Compared to the other models, This Tanaka trimmer head used the line much quicker during use, but it gets the job done efficiently every time!

This product also costs slightly more than other trimmer heads one might purchase.


  • Can easily be installed without the use of special tools
  • Ideal loading mechanism; push insert mechanism
  • Contains different adapters
  • The trimmer head comes with six straps of line with a wider capacity


  • Is quite expensive as compared to other trimmer heads
  • Is only compatible with straight shaft trimmer

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10. Oregon gator speed load trimmer head

Oregon gator speed load trimmer head

With minimal load-unload time, Oregon Gator takes the trimming job to the next level for you.

This universal head is the last addition to our list of top ten due to the following features.

  • Patent heat-treated line design
  • Durable line
  • 80 percent reduction in load time
  • No removable parts (one piece)
  • Compatible with a gas string trimmer
  • Best suited for 0.095-inch line heads
  • Works with curved and straight shaft trimmer

The first aspect of a gator trimmer head is that it needs neither tools nor winding to load up a trimmer line and thus takes less than 20 seconds for you to get back to your work!

In addition, the replacement line consists of a tongue and groove design that is wound upon itself for easy disk insertion. 

To replace the disk, I simply had to push both side buttons and slide in a new disk.

This process eliminates the frustrating task of making constant precise cuts that I faced in other models of fixed-line trimmer heads.

Moreover, this self-contained system comes as a single unit with rolling eyelets that reduce line breakage, and allow smooth line advance while improving the head’s durability in the long run. 

In addition, the trimmer head comes with three different adapters for versatility in product compatibility, one disk, and plastic spacers for the trimmer having a splined shaft.

After a while of use, the cost of a string started getting too high. So, the high cartridge cost makes this purchase unfeasible for professional landscapers.


  • The trimmer head does not require tools to load up a trimmer line
  • Easy access loading mechanism, which requires simple disk insertion, uses buttons to load disks
  • Trimmer’s head is a single unit with rolling eyelets that prevents line breakage and ensures durability
  • Has three different adapters
  • Compatible with a gas string trimmer and is compatible with curved and straight shaft trimmers


  • The cost of replacing the string is high
  • Has no removable parts

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Different Head Choices:

Fixed-line heads: This most commonly used trimmer head uses precut lengths of trimmer lines held in place by a locking mechanism. It does not require us to wind the spool manually to reload. Learn how to load a Ryobi String Trimmer.

The fixed-line can be considered an advantage or disadvantage depending upon the user’s need.

This system is ideal for commercial trimmers that use stronger strings. Thicker diameter, therefore, results in less wear and tear and fewer breaks.

Bump-feed heads: Bump-feed type trimmer heads also don’t require winding; however, it allows you to go much longer between changes due to the large trimmer capacity on each spool. 

These systems work by bumping the bottom of the trimmer on the ground while working; this would initiate the spring system to release the line. 

This simplified method allows you to have more control over how many lines you use, but there is always a chance of quicker wear and faster replacement.

Speed-feed heads: Speed-feed or automatic heads are the most expensive in the category of replacement heads.

They allow the trimmer to switch within 30 seconds, hold a good amount of heavyweight, and use a line spooling motor, which requires no effort or focus when in use. 

While this system is the fastest, it is also the costliest. Additionally, each model always comes with easy and detailed manufacturer instructions for installation.

Buying Guide for a Trimmer Head

An ideal house must have an ideal lawn, and for a lawn to be ideal, its’ grass must be properly trimmed with an ideal height and shape.

That is when a trimmer head comes into play. A trimmer head is a perfect tool that can make your lawn look nicely done. Not only will a trimmer head cut the grass into an ideal height and shape, but it is also an efficient tool that saves time and is durable.

I would recommend buying a trimmer head since it is the best efficient tool that has helped me get my lawn into shape, however, there are certain factors that you must take into consideration before buying an ideal trimmer head. Not only does it help you get your lawn into shape and save time, but it also lasts long.

Fixed-line heads

I would recommend buying a trimmer head that is suitable for the type of lawn you have. Every trimmer has a different type of head that can be easily attached to it, however, every type of trimmer head has its pros and cons.

I would highly advise buying the type of trimmer head suitable for the type of grass you need to get cut.

Fixed-line heads are the most commonly used type of trimmer head. I would recommend buying a fixed-line head if you want the trimmer head to get assembled and attached easily.

These systems use individual lengths of line that are added onto the trimmer one at a time. This systematic approach makes sure that the inconvenience of winding lines onto the trimmer is avoided, and that using the trimmer is easier.

However, for personal use, I would recommend against buying a Fixed-line head since it is ideal for a larger trimmer that is used for commercial means.

Fixed-line heads are ideal for trimmers with a larger diameter which makes sure that the trimmer is not easily damaged. Although, I would highly advise buying a fixed-line head if you possess a trimmer that has a larger size and diameter, and want it to be used on commercial lawns.

The fixed-line head is ideal for trimmers that are used commercially as it makes sure that the work is carried out in flow without having to take a break. However, while using this type of trimmer head, I had to make sure that the trimmer is stopped whenever a line had to be replaced.

Bump-feed heads

Bump-feed heads are the most durable and dependable trimmer heads, and I would personally recommend buying these types of trimmer heads if you want control over the trimmer while using them

Not only is it easy to use a trimmer with a bump-feed head, but assembling the length of lines around the spool of the trimmer is technically easy.

I had no difficulty in using the trimmer for a longer period once I had assembled the lines in the spool of the trimmer because it possesses a large trimming capacity.

The systematic approach of the trimmer head is quite easy as it simply bumps the bottom part of the trimmer to the ground and makes use of it.

Bump-feed heads are the most popular type of trimmer heads that are being used nowadays because of their systematic approach and easy-to-use feature.

When I was using a trimmer with a bump-feed trimmer head, I had more control over the trimmer, and if I faced any sort of inconvenience, I could repair the trimmer head without any difficulty.

I would recommend buying a bump-feed head since it is more reliable; however, if you manage to slam it into something, it stops functioning as the spool of the trimmer head is damaged.

The spool of the trimmer head has a higher capacity of assembled lines. However, the spring of the bump-feed head wears out quickly and needs to be replaced.

Speed-feed heads

I prefer buying a speed-feed trimmer head since it is the best kind of trimmer head one could possess. It is commonly known as the automatic feed system and is very similar to the bump-feed head, however, it uses a line-spooling motor that automatically makes use of the trimmer.

If you are a time-sensitive person, I would recommend buying a speed-feed head because it consumes less time, makes sure the trimmer is switched within 30 seconds and holds a good amount of heavyweight objects.

Not only is it the fastest trimmer head, but it is also the most effortless type of trimmer head since the person using the trimmer does not have to focus too much on the job.

However, if you are a person who is not good with tools, I would not recommend buying them since it is very costly in the first place. Apart from it being expensive, it can malfunction at any time, and repairing it is very difficult.

A lot of time can be spent repairing the trimmer head if it gets damaged because it has many components that work together in a system, and before repairing the trimmer head, you need to diagnose it properly, which consumes time.


How does a fixed line trimmer head work?

The mechanism is quite easy to understand. The system simply uses individual lengths of line that are loaded in the head of the trimmer. The mechanism then starts to work.

When should I replace my trimmer head?

Trimmer heads should be changed quite frequently because they get worn out easily. It depends on how much you use the trimmer and what kind of trimmer quality you are using.

Are all trimmer heads interchangeable?

Trimmer head products are compatible with the trimmers which are accessible in the market. Bolt adapters are used to change the trimmer heads from the trimmers.

Does the trimmer line diameter matter?

It depends on the trimmer that you are using. If you want durability and power, a larger diameter line is the best choice since it prevents breakage and makes sure the line doesn’t wear out.

What is a bump feed trimmer head?

A bump feed trimmer has a different mechanism. You manually have to put the string in the trimmer by gently bumping it on the ground. By doing so, you can have control over how many lines you want to use.

In Conclusion, all garden enthusiasts must invest in the correct fixed line trimmer heads to attach to their string trimmer to achieve proper functionality with minimal effort.

Go through the above-mentioned products to make a sound purchase for yourself!

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