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We Paint With True Passion!

Does your room’s ceiling throw patches of dry paint on your bed, making it a lot more horrific at night? Do you feel your bedsheet has some unexplained coarseness, as it is underneath the scraping ceiling paint?

We don’t think you have any option left, you’ll need the home painting services, or you’ll end up waking up at night with the scraps of paint falling onto your face, even if you save your mouth!

Most house owners spend money on painting services when they reach such a condition unless they are renting or leaving a rental apartment; home remodeling is another case after which painting becomes a necessity. In all these cases, getting home painting services to get compulsory. This is why you need a reliable home painting service provider which ensures high-quality paint usage and skill demonstration so your home can remain new for as long as possible.

Ruling Homes understand your priorities and offer a solution to ensure the long-term sustenance of your paint without compromising on any other element. Your house is in the expert hands, and we’ll prove that with every stroke.

We Are The Expert House Painters!

At Ruling Homes, we have a dedicated team of experts who understand your wall’s needs before getting onto the actual painting task. The evaluation of the walls ensures that the preparation is done accordingly, so your paint stays on the walls for long.

All our expert advice translates to lesser mold and mildew, lesser chances of paint scraping, and resolution of all other problems you could face with the walls and the paints. So, contact us now for your home painting needs, and we’ll do the complete justice.

Colors Matter:

When getting your home painted, you might be confused about the colors you choose for your different rooms. Well, it is a subject where most people go blank. It is not because they don’t have a favorite color. But the color you like might not go well on all your walls. In some cases, it might not resonate well with the other elements of your room, like lighting fixtures, windows, etc.

So, it is important to get an opinion from people who deal with colors daily. They can guide you about the perfect match in your scenario.

You can surely give your suggestions, but don’t forget to ask for the opinion from the painting team from Ruling Homes, you’ll surely not regret having their suggestion.

We Provide Painting Services To Residential Consumers:

Ruling Homes focuses on residential customers; thus, the home painting services are for this target market. We don’t care about the size of your home; we only provide the best services.

However, the bigger your home will be, the more time it will take to complete the paint at your home.

Within the residential painting service, there are a whole lot of sub-services that you can expect from Ruling Homes. Here’s a brief overview of these services:

Bedroom Painting Services:

Whether you have undertaken bedroom remodeling services, or want your bedroom to look great, you can opt for this painting service from Ruling Homes.

Within this service, you’ll get your entire bedroom painted. As bedrooms usually don’t have moisture problems, the completion time and cost incurred on these services will be minimum.

Living Room Painting Services:

Living room painting services are similar to bedroom painting services as the chances of moisture in the walls; thus, mold growth is limited. They might be bigger than the bedrooms, but our expert team can still finish the work at the same time as the bedroom paint.

Bathroom Painting Services:

This is one of the technical domains of home painting services because the bathroom walls are not only exposed to higher moisture already but will also be subject to this moisture after the painting.

In this situation, the chances of mold growth increase. So, we prepare the wall accordingly to generate the best results. Similarly, after bathroom remodeling you could be more cautious of the colors, brand and the type of paint. We can clarify all such confusions too.

Basement Painting Services:

Just like the bathroom, the basement is an area that often has higher moisture in the walls compared to the other parts of the home, so it requires extensive care of the wall and a complete preparation routine, which might need more time for the completion of the paint.

You might also need the specific paints to cater the moisture. If you have no idea about the best paint for basement walls, our team can guide you completely.

Kitchen Painting Service:

In the kitchen, the moisture in the walls is not much of a problem, but while you cook, the smoke and heat can badly impact the color quality of the paint. Just above the stove, you might also see the changes in paint color in a few days (in case you don’t use your chimneys).

In such a situation, we provide you with painting alternatives or use dark colors so your paint color won’t go off in a few weeks. We also provide painting suggestions after a complete kitchen remodeling drill.

Garage Painting Services:

Another significant part of the home painting service is garage painting. Garages are often prone to extreme temperatures and higher humidity levels, so using paint that will adequately fit the situation is essential. Our team can ensure the proper usage so your garage paint will stay for a long.

What Else Does The Ruling Homes Offer?

Not every surface is readily available for painting. There could be some problems with the walls, or the wood items might need a bit of fixing. What to do in that case?

Well, you don’t have to worry as along with the home painting services, we offer a few extras, so you can get all the work done within no time.

Here’s the list of the other services we perform.

Color Consultation:

As discussed already, deciding the colors is a challenging task. But with the experts by your side, you can choose relatively easily.

We don’t only have color cards available, but we also present you with the actually painted walls so you can feel the overall aura of the paint and its actual depiction.

We can even put a few samples of the chosen colors if you are confused about how your walls will look.

Cabinet Refinishing and Painting

When the entire room will be painted your cabinets will give an old feel if you won’t get them retouched. Mostly, the cabinets are not painted but polished. There is a wide variety of colors in the polish, for which you’ll have to select.

Our team can do the cabinet refinishing and painting so your entire home looks lovely.

Concrete Staining and Epoxy Finish:

If you have concrete flooring anywhere in your home and it is stained, we’ll ensure to remove the stains or fix the concrete for you. So your entire home looks perfect.  

Drywall Repair:

Cracks, dents, and holes are quite common in drywalls. So, pointing it in such a condition would not be a great idea.

We can help you fix it and then paint it to bring it back to its original condition.

Power Washing:

We also have the experts for power washing to ensure that your outdoor area is free of dirt, mold, and other such problems. Getting such a service with the home painting service will give your home a new look readily.

Wall Paper Removal:

If you have the existing wallpaper at your home, we can remove it for you. You can decide to replace it with a newer wallpaper or the paint of your choice.

Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Painting:

Vinyl and aluminum side painting is not part of the walls, nor will the same paintwork for these siding. But you don’t have to worry as you have the experts from Ruling Homes here for you. We’ll help you with these vinyl and aluminum siding paintings as well.

Process of Home Painting Services:

The process of getting your home painted is not as difficult as many of you think; here’s the process that our team will employ:

Select Your Paint Color:

The first step is the selection of your paint color. You can choose the color on your own or get our help to get a professional outlook.

Cover The Area:

The next step is to cover the furniture and any other items that are present in the rooms. We usually ensure complete packaging and coverage through plastic sheets, so nothing gets the paint stains.

However, if you think you have sensitive things in the room that require extra care, you can remove them altogether.

Prepare The Area:

In this step, we will analyze the walls, their existing condition, and future usage. Based on all these aspects, we prepare the walls. In some cases, they might need an extra coating from mildew-resistant paint, and in some cases, scraping off the existing paint is the only thing to do.

Apply New Paint:

After all these processes come the paint application part. We cover the ceiling before getting to the walls. Usually, they are colored white to give an open look to the room. However, you can get it colored as you want.

Clean The Excessive Paint:

No matter how much we try, there are still chances that the paint can get down to the floor and the other items available underneath. This is why it is important to protect the furniture and stuff.

Once the painting is done, we clean up the floors and any extra paint that might have fallen anywhere.

So, you get a clean home with a newer look.

Why Choose Ruling Homes?

Below are the main reasons to choose Ruling Homes:

  • Free consultation regarding paint selection and other paint-related issues
  • Easy booking on your available time
  • Our team gets to your place on time and finishes the work as committed.
  • You can get our services across the United States
  • Exceptional results guaranteed
  • Expert team to help you at every step of home painting service


Is It Possible To Match The Existing Color With The Original Color Code?

Yes, even if you don’t know the color code for the existing colors on your wall, we can manage to find the same color.

If you just need it as a patch, it might not work because the old paint will also have a layer of dirt on it. When the new paint will be applied to a portion of it, the older one will be easily distinguishable.

How Frequently Should You Paint Your Home?

Usually, 5-10 years is the average time to get your home painted to maintain a nice outlook every time.

Should I Remain On The Premises While You Carry Out The Painting?

That depends on you. It is not necessary if you have packed your valuables properly. You’ll get updates on the daily progress through your preferred methods.

How To Manage The Furniture Items Before The Painting Begins?

We can manage the furniture before starting the painting process, usually by covering it with plastic sheets. But you can make your arrangements for essential and valuable goods before our painting team arrives at your place.

Is It Possible To Buy The Paint Myself And Get Labor Services From You?

Yeah, it is totally fine. But we’ll request you to go through the buying guides for paint selection for basement walls, wood, and other areas to ensure the best purchase decision.

Will I Have To Arrange The Tools For Painting?

No, our team will come with their tools. You don’t have to buy them to get the home painting service from Ruling Homes.