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Let's Remodel Your Kitchen?

When you bought your house, you probably were not in a position to pick and choose every single element from your kitchen, right?

But over time, you realized that your kitchen could have been a lot better if the architect might have asked for your suggestion (which wasn’t even possible).

But it isn’t too late. Now when you live in your home and have identified all the possible problems with your kitchen, from lack of electrical outlets to the low-lying cabinets that are short on space, you can remodel your kitchen and get exactly what you want.

It will not only bring in functional improvement but will also make your kitchen look aesthetically appealing.

If you are worried about your home value, then let us add that after kitchen remodeling, your home’s value will increase significantly, and you won’t have to worry about not getting anything in return for investing in your place. It isn’t a bad deal, is it?

Ruling Homes provide you with the best kitchen remodeling service and product suggestions, so you can expect your kitchen not only to look marvelous, but you’ll be able to keep it cost-effective too. To get an expert opinion, contact Ruling Homes today!

We Rely On The Best Material Only!

When opting for kitchen remodeling services, one of the major concerns that you might have to go through is the use of material.

You’ll surely not want to spend your money on items that will be useless in a few months to a year. The purpose of investing your money in your kitchen is sure to get the best use of the product, along with an aesthetic appeal.

Here is an overview of the materials you can expect to be part of your kitchen. If you don’t like any of these materials, you must communicate your concerns with the remodeling company.

You can share your opinion or let the Ruling Homes kitchen remodeling team make the best decision for you within your budget and after evaluating the other aspects.


One of the best materials you can use on your countertops is granite. There are two colors you can use in your kitchen, one is with a dark greenish tone, and the other is mixed color with a light background.

Using granite as the countertops is perfect because it can resist abrasion. Besides, you don’t have to worry about its wear and tear due to weather changes. 

Another advantage you can directly associate with granite and its usage as a part of kitchen countertops is that it can easily take on a heavyweight. So, irrespective of how you intend to use your kitchen, you don’t have to worry about your granite getting any problems.


One of the other options for your countertop is a marble. Marble is often considered an alternative to granite countertops.

They are strong and highly durable than some other stones available. However, when compared with Granite, Marble can sustain lesser pressure and is lesser durable. But it costs higher than granite. But these characteristics are valid only when comparing marble with granite. In its standalone position, marble is a strong, highly resistant, and durable material, proving as an excellent material for your kitchen remodeling.


Whether on the floor, the back walls, or the kitchen countertops, mosaics are a great choice. The beautiful pattern and the creative design of mosaics show the unique element and your sense of aesthetics.

Depending upon the size of the kitchen, you can find the mosaic in multiple sizes and color varieties. The mosaic quality might also vary depending upon its price and suitability in the fitting. So, do not forget to keep your budget in check when buying the mosaics for your kitchen, or you’ll surely be impressed by the entire variety available.


The backdrop of your countertops is often filled with tiles. These tiles are made of various materials. But ceramics seems to be the most prominent variety available. In these tiles, you can find multiple quality standards, design variety, and color options. So you can match it or contrast it with literally any other element from your kitchen; it won’t be a problem.

Kitchen Remodeling Process:

At Ruling Homes, we have a set process before we start working on the remodeling services for the kitchen area. In this process, we ensure that you and our team are on the same page. So the results are according to your expectations without any problems or confusion.

Let’s go through the process together:


The first step in the kitchen remodeling process is consultation. Our team cannot get a clear idea of what you want without understanding the need and purpose of remodeling.

Your kitchen might not be spacious enough, or you might not like the overall feel. In some cases, you are so used to your kitchen that you want your cabinets and other such things to be replaced while still giving a newer look.

You can discuss all these things with our expert design team. They will have specific questions of their own to understand the situation better.

You can answer their questions and ask yours to create an environment to know your kitchen remodeling project in detail.

We Measure Your Kitchen Area:

Once our team has a clear idea of how you want your kitchen to be, then comes the time to take complete measurements of the kitchen.

Besides, the cabinets, fridge, oven, or any other installation that you wish to be part of the kitchen area will need space. So, we measure and mark spaces for all such installations. It will give us an idea of the space left for designing. Even correctly fitting these appliances and elements will require a proper understanding of the dimensions and size.

Plan The Exact Layout:

When everything else is decided, it is time to plan how your kitchen will actually look. Our preference at this stage is to keep in mind your instructions. However, not everything can fit properly like the initially decided aspects, so you can expect slight changes to make your kitchen look perfect.

But if you don’t like anything or change your mind about the specific setting, you can still suggest, and our team will make changes accordingly.

Get Ready For The Finishing Touches:

At this stage, our professional design team will ensure that the overall look and feel must be like a fully designed kitchen. Our team can add in more elements or remove a few to readjust them because our ultimate goal at this stage is to give you a professional design that will keep you in awe for some time.

After all, you are spending on kitchen remodeling, so shouldn’t it look like one too?

The Actual Work Begins:

Once we have settled the overall layout and finishing touches for your kitchen, only then the actual work begins.

We’ll take out the existing equipment and appliances so we can make over the entire space.

Similarly, we will manage all the lighting and plumbing work to facilitate the new setup. An important thing here is not to forget to share the plumbing and electric concerns you face in the existing kitchen because you, being the regular user, can point out such aspects in the best way. Besides, it is you who will live and use the kitchen so make sure you have everything in place.

Look For Any Issues:

We understand that no matter how perfect we carve your kitchen, you might feel the need for a thing or two at the end when you see your kitchen in real. So, you can always share such last-touch things. We want you to enjoy the maximum satisfaction and best results.

Celebration Time:

After getting your entire kitchen remodeled, it is now time for celebration. Now, your kitchen is perfect, according to your needs and modern standards, so shouldn’t you appreciate it? Enjoy your kitchen and cook some tasty meals. 

Get Help From The Best Team:

Our customer support and ground staff at Ruling Homes are specifically trained to provide you with the best services ensuring your highest satisfaction.

If you can’t find a solution to anything or have missed out on some essential things that should be part of your home remodeling venture, you can get help from our team; and they’ll guide you with the best possible solution.

You’ll find all the workers at Ruling Homes helpful and professional.

Let’s Make Your Kitchen New Within Your Budget:

As you keep increasing the budget, you’ll find more sophisticated designs, advanced appliances, and other accessories to level up your kitchen.

No matter how much budget you have, you’ll have to compromise at some point. But don’t worry, your kitchen will not display it. We’ll make sure to utilize your budget fully and create a setup that you and everyone around you will enjoy while remaining within your budget.

Need Kitchen Renovation Ideas? We Are Here!

You don’t have any ideas for kitchen remodeling. Every other kitchen design you see makes you feel; it is for you. Or you don’t tend to like anything?

In any case, you can count on our kitchen remodeling catalog, which contains design ideas from simple to modern kitchens. With a wide variety available in each type of category, we are sure you’ll settle upon something that will blow your mind off.

What Changes To Expect In The Kitchen Remodeling Process?

Kitchen remodeling is a broad concept that involves the demolition of the existing setup before the construction of the new one.

But you might not want changes at such a level, so do you think you can get benefit from the kitchen remodeling services from Ruling Homes?

Yeah, because we offer the following types of services to facilitate different customer types


You can get repair services for your kitchen areas. It includes fixing minor problems with one or more kitchen parts or putting back the existing equipment, resources, or utilities after fixing or cleaning them.


In most cases, you need the upgrades for your equipment and appliances, and that too to fit in perfectly in your space. We might not be able to do this without any construction/demolition. But such an effort is kept to a minimum in most cases.

So, if you have such a scope of remodeling, you can get help from Ruling Homes.


Lastly, there is a construction element in the kitchen remodeling process, where you want massive changes. It definitely requires demolition and reconstruction. So, you must be ready to give us some good time and a lot of room for improvement so you can see the real value for your money.

Our Kitchen Remodeling Services:

The above definition and scope of kitchen remodeling services might be too broad, so if you want to know how we can help with the main kitchen items, here’s a brief overview:

Kitchen Cabinets:

Do you want to increase the size of the existing cabinets or merge them? Or do you want more space to be dedicated to kitchen cabinets?

Depending upon your specific needs, your requirements could be different, and we are here to help you with them.

Kitchen Countertops:

Whether you want to use marble or granite as your countertop, we can help you choose that. Both these materials can provide a wide range of benefits. We can help you compare them and find the best one.


A backsplash is essential in making your kitchen just as you want it to be. It could be the dark tiles or the light mosaic design.

There are a lot of trending ideas in the backsplashes too. If you aren’t aware of them, we can let you help in the selection process.


Is it the microwave oven that should be on your countertop, or should you place the toaster or the waffle maker on the shelf?

For many of you, it might be the functional part of the kitchen, but many of you might need guidance to get a perfect outlook after kitchen remodeling, and we can help you with it.


The kitchen floor is most likely to trap dirt and mold because of higher water activities. So, you could be looking for an option that offers easy cleaning, lesser maintenance, and a beautiful look.


You cannot pick any random color for your kitchen; there are multiple reasons. Firstly, your kitchen walls are exposed to smoke and higher humidity than other parts of your home, which will impact the walls. A light color tone will start revealing the impact nearly instantly.

Secondly, you’ll surely want to give your kitchen a professionally designed look that fits with the other equipment, appliances, backsplashes, tiles, flooring, etc. So, it will require due consideration in the color selection process. Home painting can be a lot more complex than you actually think!


Adequate lighting can change the look of your entire kitchen. So, make sure not to miss out on this element. The experts from Ruling Homes will guide you about the perfect way to light your kitchen area, so it will be just like you thought.


Where to place your sink? Should it be a single one or a double one, how deep it should be, you can understand the different types of sinks available, and Ruling Home can provide you with the repairing or installation services of the sink for your kitchen area.

Why Choose Ruling Homes For Kitchen Remodeling Service?

Wondering why you should choose Ruling Homes for kitchen remodeling services? Below are the main reasons:

·       Professional staff available at your service

·       Multiple ideas to make your kitchen unique

·       Punctual team and staff

·       Customizability to ensure your kitchen fits your needs

·       We’ll make you fall in love with your kitchen

·       Share your ideas, and we will make it happen


Where Do You Provide Kitchen Remodeling Services?

We provide kitchen remodeling services across the United States, including Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, New York, etc.

What’s The Cost of Kitchen Remodeling?

Kitchen remodeling can cost between $4000 -$10000. It is just an estimate. Your preference for a design of selected appliances and products will determine the actual cost.

How Long Will It Take For The Completion Of The Kitchen?

The kitchen remodeling can take a few days to a few weeks. You can expect your kitchen ready in days if you want minor adjustments, but if you need major changes, it can take weeks.

What Material Will Make the Countertop More Durable?

Granite is the best material to be used as a countertop as it is durable, resistant to abrasion &weather, and can handle significant weight.

What Appliances Do You Suggest To Be Optimal For Daily Kitchen Needs?

You need a microwave, coffee maker, toaster, waffle maker, small propane grill, small gas grill, fridge, and dishwasher. This is just a small list of appliances that are required in the kitchen. But you don’t have to buy all these products if you have them already. You can clean your old ones and use them in the new kitchen; they will look perfectly fine.

If some appliances aren’t working, then you can refer to the buying guides for making an informed purchase decision.