How to Cut Crown Molding with a Miter Saw? [Complete Process]

Before we dive into the details of how to get a crown molding cut with a Miter saw? Let’s discuss the basic concept of Crown Molding.

Crown Molding is a uniquely cut wood piece used at the corners, walls, and ceilings. It is obtained by adjusting the Miter saw from three different positions.

Here are a few simple steps of ‘how to cut a crown molding with a Miter Saw’.

Step 1

Place the Miter saw on a balanced surface so it won’t shake and perfectly cut the wood piece in one go.

Step 2

Connect the Miter saw to a reliable electricity source and ensure that the machine is getting the desired voltage without interruption.

Step 3

Set the miter angle at 31.6⁰ and the bevel angle at 33.9⁰ (all the angles are mentioned in the instruction manual book of this heavy-duty machine).

Step 4

Place the wood piece on the surface of the Miter saw, turn on the machine by pressing the ignition button stick to the back of the grip handle, and here you get the ‘flat crown mold cut’ from a miter saw.

Now, by following these few simple steps, you can quickly get the flat crown mold cut without any trouble. Just make sure to adjust the right angles from the Miter Saw.

how to cut crown molding with a miter saw

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What is crown molding?

Crown molding is a unique wood piece installed at the intersection of walls and ceilings. It can also be placed on the doors, cupboards, and fence.

One of the critical purposes of getting the crown mold cut is to get a bigger and more diverse look at the house. Crown mold cut adds extra beauty to the corners and ceilings of the house.

There are two methods of crown molding cut:

Flat Crown Molding Method:

We obtain this particular kind of cut by adjusting the Miter saw table and bevel angle only, and both angles cut the wood piece simultaneously.

For flat crown molding adjust the miter angle to 31.6⁰ and the bevel angle to 33.9⁰.

Nested Crown Molding Method:

We obtain this particular cut by adjusting the miter angle to 45⁰. The nested position requires a ‘Jig’ to hold the wood piece in a sliding position against the large scale.

When you cut the wood piece from the right side, move the Miter to the left, and when you cut the wood piece from the left side, move the Miter to the right side.

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Importance of Crown Molding

Previously, people used crown molding to cover the cracks between the wall and ceiling. As the Miter saw is the latest machine to support crown molding, while a simple saw was used to get the crown molding in old times, and the angle was set by the measuring tape manually.

Nowadays, people use crown molding to make walls look big and taller; it is also used in corner designing, cabinets, fences, and doors. Miter saw is used to cut a crown molding with desired angle already mentioned on the Miter saw.

Do you need a compound miter saw to get crown molding?

Yes, a compound Miter saw allows you to get precise cuts for crown molding. This specific Miter saw can move back and forth, which makes it easy to cut perfectly angled wood pieces in one attempt. You might want to use the best miter saw stand to keep things steady.

Compound Miter saws are essential for installing the crown molded wood piece in the corners. It has two different angle settings to perfectly install crown molding without any error.

Compound Miter Saw comes in different sizes with the sliding arm option, making it more comfortable to get the crown molding in both directions.

When you buy a compound Miter Saw, then make sure you have the ‘sliding compound miter saw’ because it can handle the wider angle cuttings for large pieces of wood. The rails of this Miter saw can move back and forth, which supports the cutting with maximum accuracy.

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Safety measures while using a Miter Saw

Using a miter saw can be tricky for beginners, but if you follow the complete guide and instructions mentioned in the manual book, you can handle the Miter saw with much efficiency.

Here are some of the safety measures you need to follow while using this heavy-duty machine.

  • Make sure to cover your eyes with transparent glasses
  • Put hearing protection on your ears because of the loud noise
  • Dust protection is also necessary while using a Miter Saw to save yourself from minor dust particles.

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By following the simple steps mentioned in this article, one can quickly get a crown molding cut from a Miter saw. Crown molding is the latest method to get a real wood piece for corners, fences, doors, and windows. It is best for getting a corner piece without difficulty, which was nearly impossible to get in the past.

Crown molding changes the picture of the house as it makes the house look bigger and more beautiful. It also requires skilled labor who knows the latest interior design and structure. Crown molding is not difficult, but the thing that matters is the design and symmetry of the house. Also using the best miter saw can help in getting the right results.

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