How to Install a Tankless Water Heater? What’s the Process?

Installing a tankless water heater is not an easy task, but if you follow these simple steps, it will be more than easy for you to install the tankless water heater without professional help.

Step 1

Disconnect all the electric and plumbing connections of the old water heater, as you don’t want to work with the active electricity connection and water supply.

Step 2

If you have an old water heater with a tank, refresh all the pipeline connections and cover the pipes with new Teflon tape to stop any possible water supply leakage.

Step 3

Make sure to take off the front cover of the tankless water heater with the help of a screwdriver. Place all the screws in some safe and secure place where you can remember.

(You must remove the front cover only to make all required electrical connections).

Step 4

Put the tankless water heater in the desired place. Try to place the unit in a clean and uncluttered area so that you can operate it in an emergency. You can mount the unit with a simple mounting stand provided in the box.

Step 5

After mounting the tankless water heater to the desired place, connect the hot pipelines with the unit that can distribute water to your entire house. The best pipe material for the hot water supply is stainless steel because it can resist high temperatures without lowering the quality of the pipe.

Step 6

At this stage, you need to install flow and pressure valves to help you turn off the water supply to the heater instead of shutting off the entire water system.

Step 7

Restore all the unit’s electrical connections before attaching the front cover, and open the hot taps of the entire house to let the air move out of the pipes.

Step 8

Close the front cover of the tankless water heater and turn on the electrical connection you had turned off initially. Wait for a few minutes to let the water turn hot, and now you are ready to use the hot water from every single tap of your house.

(You can heat the water according to the desired temperature through the Gauge installed on the unit)

how to install a tankless water heater

Types of tankless water heater

There are two main types of tankless water heaters. You can read more about them to find the best tankless water heater for your place:

Electric tankless water heater: It uses electricity as a heating element and requires significant electrical power to operate. It is often used in smaller homes or apartments with relatively low hot water demand.

Gas Tankless water heater uses natural gas or propane to heat the water and is typically more powerful and efficient than electric models. They are commonly used in larger homes or commercial buildings with a higher demand for hot water.

Both types of tankless water heaters can provide endless hot water on demand, but they have different requirements and installation procedures. It’s important to consider factors such as fuel source, hot water demand, and available space when choosing a tankless water heater.

What are the benefits of a tankless water heater?

Some of the benefits of a tankless water heater are:

Continuous supply of water: Tankless water heaters can supply continuous water without waiting for the tank to refill.

Save Energy: Tankless water heaters only heat water as needed, saving energy and monthly units consumed.

Compact water heaters: As the name suggests, tankless water heaters are typically smaller than traditional tank water heaters.

Less water leakage: Because the tankless water heater is without a traditional tank, there are very few chances of water leakage from the heater.


Installing a tankless water heater can greatly improve energy efficiency, space-saving, and on-demand hot water supply.

Following the simple steps described above and with the right equipment, one can easily install a tankless water heater.

A tankless water heater is an advancement to the traditional Tank Water Heater. It can provide a nonstop hot water supply without storing a single drop of water.

You need to pick the right size of tankless water heater for your home and enjoy the benefits for years.

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