How to Start a Stihl Chainsaw? [Step by Step Guide]

Starting a Stihl chainsaw involves a few steps.

  • First, remove the bar cover from the chainsaw.
  • Now press the throttle trigger lockout.
  • Then press the master control lever down.
  • Lay the chainsaw on a flat surface.
  • Slowly pull the starter rope together with your right until you feel the resistance
  • Pull it upward, keeping it as vertical as you can, without allowing the rope to scratch against the fan housing.
  • Then slowly lift the chain saw while taking care not to touch the throttle trigger.
  • If chain lubricant looks on a light-colored background, you can start work.

Before Starting

 Before you can start, you would have to refill your chain saw with oil. You will require the following precautions:

  • Chain saws produce toxic fumes when the engine starts running. These gases could also be odorless and invisible. Never use your machine in an indoor or poorly ventilated space. Always confirm there’s adequate ventilation.
  • Check the ground of your workplace. Remember, there’s a risk of slipping on wet surfaces, uneven terrain, or on freshly stripped wood.
  • If anyone else is nearby, especially children, keep them at a secure distance. 

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Protective Equipment

While working, you would have to wear specified clothing and protective equipment when operating a chainsaw for maximum safety. Clothing must be snug-fitting and sturdy but allow complete freedom of movement. No matter what the size of your chainsaw is, you need these precautionary measures to maintain safety.

Never wear anything that would catch in wood or scrub. Don’t wear a shawl, tie, or jewelry when operating the machine. Long hair must be securely tied back.

  • Helmet
  • Hearing protection
  • Face mask, face protection
  • Gloves
  • Heavy-duty, nonslip gloves – preferably made from leather.
  • Leg protection
  • Close-fitting clothing with cut-retardant inlay.
  • Safety boots
  • With the nonslip sole, cut-retardant inlay, and steel toecap.

It’s also essential to follow the precautions when cutting a tree with chainsaw or working with wood planks.

Step by Step Guide to Start a Stihl Chainsaw

start stihl chainsaw infographic


Before starting, you have to check that your working area is safe. Now you’ll get going together with your saw! For each of the subsequent steps, please observe the security precautions.

Step 1 

Before starting your chain saw, the chain brake should be started by pushing it forward. 

Step 2 

Remove the bar cover before starting your Stihl chain saw.

Step 3 

If your chain saw is tailored with a decompression valve, press it now. It supports igniting the engine and starting your Stihl chain saw.

Step 4

If your chain saw features a primer bulb, press it several times. This assists with cuts and the number of pulls needed to start.

Step 5

Setting the master control lever to start, you have first to press the throttle trigger. Then press the master control lever down.

Step 6 

To start the chain saw, lay it on a leveled surface. The cutting attachment must not be in touch with the bottom to avoid cutting it when starting and putting yourself unnecessarily in danger.

Step 7 

Leaving the chain saw on the bottom, place your left hand on the handlebar and your right hand on the starter rope. Push your right toecap into the rear handle to calm the chain saw.

Step 8 

Slowly pull the starter rope together with your right hand until you are feeling resistance. Then pull the starter rope hard until the engine fires briefly. Pull it upward, keeping it as vertical as you can, without allowing the rope to scratch against the fan housing.

Step 9 

The engine ignites only briefly and dies again instantly. Move the Master Control lever up one notch (to the half-throttle position) to open the choke.

Step 10 

Drag the starter rope again until the engine fires.

Step 11 

Be quick as the engine has fired and is running. Now you can touch the throttle trigger briefly together with your index finger. The master control lever will withdraw to the traditional idle setting.

Step 12 

Now slowly lift the chain saw, taking care to not touch the throttle trigger.

Step 13

Release the chain brake by dragging the chain brake handle toward you with your left hand. Keep hold of the handlebar together with your left hand as you are doing this. Once you hear a click sound, this suggests the chain has been released and may activate the bar.

Step 14

Before getting started, check the chain lubrication. Delay the saw against a light-colored background, like a trunk or a bit of paper on the bottom, and open the throttle fully.

If some chain lubricant looks on the light-colored background, then you can start working. Wasn’t the preliminary stage for using chainsaw tiring? You might also want to learn about the sharpening process for chainsaw.

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The correct way to store chainsaw

Your Stihl chain saw likes dry, dust-free conditions. And if you clean it before putting it away for a short time – say, three months over winter – then it’ll be ready to be used once you take it out again in the spring.

Emptying the Fuel Tank

Empty the fuel tank in a well-ventilated place than clean it. Remember to empty the carburetor first to stop the carburetor diaphragms from sticking together.

Dismantling Chain Saws

Remove the head and chain bar, spray them and clean them with protective oil.

Store During A Dry Place

Store your chainsaw in a dry place. Choose an area that is well ventilated and guarded against the weather. Keeping it outdoors isn’t advisable.

Protect from The Sun

Store the machine far away from the direct rays of the sun. Exposure to the sun’s rays causes UV damage.

Staying Dust-Free

Your chain saw should be packed away in a dust-free environment. 

Safe Storage

Store your chain saw out of reach of people. The most straightforward place to store it’s during a lockable room or cupboard.

Final Thoughts

Before starting a Stihl chainsaw, you would have to read the manual to familiarize yourself with the tool, and you would like to make sure you’ve got the proper protective equipment.

After this, although Stihl chainsaws are all different, you will be ready to start your chainsaw without too many problems by following the steps we’ve outlined.

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