How To Use A Miter Saw? [Beginner’s Guide]

Using a miter saw isn’t as difficult as the machine itself might indicate. Here is a quick overview of how to use it:

  1. You need to place the miter saw in a balanced and firm place.
  2. Adjust the piece of wood by setting the angle from four different positions.
  3. Connect the miter saw to a power source and press the button stick to the grip handle to start the saw.
  4. When you have cut the wood, leave the button and wait for the miter saw to completely stop.

Isn’t that four-step process pretty simple? Let’s elaborate on it for further clarification.

Assembling the miter saw

The assembling of a miter saw is simple and easy. It already comes in assembled form with only minor fixing of associated parts.

You will get the miter saw with its parts dispersed in the box. Unpack the unit and assemble the detached parts by following the simple bolt and screw method. Here are the main parts and the right method of fixing them to put your miter saw to work:

Attach the blade

Attach the blade to the miter saw and tighten up the screw so that it gives accurate cuttings at the desired angle.

Screw up the blade guard

Put on the blade guard to save yourself from injuries and accidents.

Attaching other parts

Assemble clamps, miter adjustment handles, dust bag, and laser according to the instruction manual.

Installing the angle gauge

Install the angle gauge at the end of the miter saw to get perfect wood pieces. There are four different positions where you install the angle gauge.

Use a balanced surface for cutting

Use the miter saw on a firm and stable surface like the ‘miter saw stand.’ It will provide a good balance which ultimately helps in perfect cuttings of wood pieces to the desired angle.

Operating the miter saw

Here’s how to use a miter saw:

Miter saw is used to cut wood at different angles. Miter saw blade size will determine the cutting and molding of wood pieces at different angles. (Blade comes from 7-14 inches in size, depending on your need)

The best miter saws support the back-and-forth movement of the machine to cut the long piece of wood. Here’s how you can operate your miter saw after assembling it:

Connect to the power source

First thing first, you need to connect the miter saw to a solid electricity connection; it consumes almost 120 Volts of electricity so make sure the power connection gives the exact voltage for non-stop working.

Different cuts of miter saw

Take the piece of wood and place it on the miter saw surface, set the angle from four different positions (cross-cut, miter cut, bevel cut, and compound cut), and then press the button stick to the handle.

Don’t remove the blade guard

You don’t have to remove the blade guard before cutting the wood piece, as it serves an automatic capability of covering and uncovering the blade. (To save you from mishaps)

Use of long pipes for wood waste

It is suggested to attach a long enough plastic pipe with a little opening for dust particles. (Helps in keeping up a clean workplace)

Safety Measures

You must not ignore the safety measures while operating the miter saw. Here are a few important things you must not ignore: i.e. eye protection, hearing protection, and dust protection. Following the following practices might also help in maintaining safety:

Beware of loose clothing

Also make sure that you don’t have loose clothing, hair, or any kind of jewelry while using this powerful tool.

Keep the safe distance

Always keep your hands 6-10 inches away from the blade just to maintain a safe distance.

Wait for the miter saw to stop

After cutting the piece to desired shape and size, take out the wood only when the blade is completely stopped and covered in its guard.

Different Angle Cuttings Briefly Explained

Crosscut: It allows the user to cut the wood piece simply from the center. There are miter saws in the market that only allow crosscuts which means you can cut the wood into two pieces.

Miter cut: Place the wood piece in the center of the miter saw and adjust the angle from the bottom of the miter saw; the two cut pieces will form a perfect angle of 90⁰.

Bevel Cut: It is the type of cut which allows the miter saw to cut the face of the wood. By adjusting the angle from the back of the miter saw, a bevel cut is made by tilting the miter saw.

Compound cut: A compound cut is the combination of miter and bevel cut. It cuts a wood piece from both the edge and face of the wood.


Miter saw is a power tool known for precise and accurate cuttings. It is the most common tool used by professionals who need to cut wood pieces at different angles and shapes.

A simple saw is also used to make unique cuttings, but a miter saw makes the cutting much faster. It will save you time and energy.

As Miter saw comes in different types and sizes,  you can select the perfect one based on your needs. The sliding compound miter saw is the most updated power tool, which forms the cutting at various angles.

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