How to Use an Electric Pressure Washer?

Using an electric pressure washer involves a few steps;

first, clean all the area and make sure there is no place for water to stop.

Choose the proper nozzle, adjust the pressure, try it on a bit of area, and then hold the nozzle and spray to clean the surface.

Step by Step Guide for Using an Electric Pressure Washer:

To understand how to work with an electric pressure washer, you need to follow simple steps: 

1: Clear the Area

The first thing you would have to make sure is there no area for water to stay before you start cleaning your wash car, boat, doors, etc. This implies you need to clean the working area before you start your work. 

2: Choose the Proper Nozzle for The Work

Read your manual, or check the nozzle guide at this step. You should select the proper nozzle for the work at hand, for instance, not using a high-pressure washer nozzle if you are washing your car unless you want to damage the car paint.

3: Adjust the Pressure and Test A Little Area

If your pressure washer has the power to control the level of pressure it produces, adjust it to the extent you think that will work. Now you need to test that pressure on a bit of area and adjust as required.

4: Hold the Nozzle and Spray

If you are comfortable with the pressure it’s producing, start using it on the place or area you want to wash and clean. Keep the nozzle 4-6 inches away from the surface you’re cleaning so you don’t do damage.

5: Cleaning Tips

If you would like an incredibly clean, follow the grid pattern. This way, you’re bound to clean everywhere. Make sure to wash the highest part first and then down.

Otherwise, the dirty water and dirt will keep covering the areas you’ve already washed. Use a snow foam or detergent if needed for cleaning a vehicle.

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How to Store an Electrical Pressure Washer?

If you’re going to store your electric pressure washer for 3 months or more, you have to make sure that you simply follow the proper procedures for your pressure washer to survive. Otherwise, you’ll turn it on next spring, and it just won’t work. 


Taking care of your electric pressure washer and completing periodic and routine maintenance allows you to take care of its operation efficiently and high working at all times, extending its life and saving money for any repair work. 

Here is, therefore, a series of operations to be administered at each use, on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis: 

At Each Use

Check the sound of the hose, spray gun, filter, lance, cord, and fittings. If one or more items are damaged, contact a professional repair technician.

Every Month

Check and, if necessary, clean the filters (with water and/or an anti-limescale detergent) and, therefore, the nozzles (with the needle supplied), replacing them if you do not obtain noticeable results. Also, check the proper oil level. 


 Pressure washers deliver extreme pressure and may cause severe injuries if misused. For safety, follow these guidelines:

  • Don’t point the pressure washer at any person or pet or put your hand ahead of the nozzle. The pressurized water stream could penetrate your skin or cause severe cuts.
  • Wear safety glasses when operating the washer.
  • Don’t use pressure washers while performing from ladders. Once you squeeze the trigger, the powerful start on the spray wand can throw you off the ladder and balance.
  • Maintain a minimum of 6-ft. Distance when spraying water around electrical masts, power lines, or outlets.
  • Before disconnection hoses, power off the machine, turn the water tap off, and squeeze the spray wand trigger to release all water pressure within the system.
  • Engage the security lock on the trigger when you’re not washing and when changing nozzle tips.

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Required Tools

Having the required tools before you start is important it can save your time, which includes:

  • Rags
  • Safety glasses

Required Materials

Avoid last-minute shopping by having all of your materials ready before time. Which includes:

  • Special detergent for pressure washers


You need to understand the way to use an electric pressure washer, including starting, using, and storing your pressure washer.

It doesn’t take much to keep your pressure washer going for an extended time. An electric pressure washer is a fantastic tool that you can find using more often than you expect.


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