How to Winterize Your Electric Pressure Washer? [Step by Step Guide]

Winterizing the electric pressure washer involves a few steps

  • First of all, empty the detergent into the container’s hose; then reconnect the hose, and fill the detergent tank with water.
  • Flush the water until the detergent tank is empty. Run the electric pressure for 3 minutes and turn the washer pressure off.
  • Store the pressure washer in your garage and cover it till subsequent use.

Step by Step Guide to Winterize Electric Pressure Washer:


These are the three easy steps to Winterize Your Electric Pressure Washer:

How to winterize your electric pressure washer

  1. An electrical machine has no internal combustion engine. You have to map out the pump system for storage.
  2. Start by getting a bucket of water and place the detergent suction hose in it. Attach the hose and switch the faucet on. Now turn the pressure washer on and hold the gun to spray water for two minutes. This clears the system from all detergent solutions. Now disconnect the hose. Pull the gun again to empty the system of all water.
  3. Store the pressure washer indoors and under a warm spot to stop freezing and internal seal damage. Add “Pump Saver” antifreeze to the pump cove to save internal seals.

Where to Store It?

The safest place to store your pressure washer is in a dry and heated spot, preferably in your home garage or basement.

How to Use Pump Saver

Specific directions will depend upon the brand of electric pressure washer you are using. But all of them require you to connect the bottle to the water inlet (where you attach the garden hose).

Generally, you’ll squash the bottle. Pull the starter string about 3 or 5 times (using about ⅓ of the bottle or can). This pulls the pump saver through the pump system until you see it flowing from the water outlet.

For an electrical pressure washer, just keep squeezing the bottle or trigger until the fluid flows from the outlet. Isn’t the process of using electric pressure washer simple? But always use it properly or it may cut out while working.

Don’t Forget the Cover!

Storage covers protect your pressure washer from bugs, dust, moisture, spider webs, mice, and rust. If you want to keep your pressure washer outside for whatever reason, you need to save from the sun and rain, not to mention bird poop.

Covers made from cloth (often canvas or polyester) with a water-resistant coating like polyethylene allow them to breathe while protecting from moisture damage.

They can be water-repelling or waterproof. Of course, if you’re storing outdoors, the more waterproof the cover is, the higher the protection will be.

Many covers are a one-size-fits-all deal, but it won’t hurt to require measurements just to match. You would like a cozy enough fit without it leaving anything exposed. A canvas or BBQ grill cover can work with a few adjustments.


While electric pressure washers require little maintenance, winterizing them properly can guarantee that you simply get a properly working pressure washer once you need it during the spring season.

Pressure washers aren’t cheap tools, and properly winterizing your electric pressure washer goes to save you from a repair bill afterward. With correct winterization, your electric pressure washer can stay in storage for up to a year without creating problems.

You can also use this guide for storing your pressure washer overnight if you reside in a neighborhood where night temperatures can fall below freezing.

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