What is a Miter Saw Used For?

Miter saw is a powerful tool skilled workers and carpenters use to get angled cuts. It is a heavy machine that requires a suitable power source and enough skill to operate normal functions.

The Miter is the working part of the machine, which moves to different angles molding perfectly cut wood pieces for crafting and decorating.

Miter saw is used to get four different kinds of cut which we cannot get from any other tool. It depends on what type of cut you want from this heavy-duty machine. All four kinds of cut are used for different purposes.

Note: You cannot trust the wood pieces you get from the hardwood supplier to be perfect when you buy, so you want to make it perfect in your t place with the help of the best Miter Saw.

Different Uses and Cuts through Miter Saw

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Let’s quickly explain all four significant Uses/Cuts performed by the Miter saw:


It is the most simple and commonly used cut by users. One can quickly get a crosscut by setting the Miter saw at 90⁰ and the Miter position at zero.

It cuts the wood piece into two pieces with just a little effort. Crosscuts are used to get a straight wood piece for basic furniture construction.

Miter Cut:

When you set the angle of the Miter to 45⁰, you will get a miter cut. It involves the minor movement of the Miter to the left/right (depending on your requirement).

Once you have set the angle of the Miter to 45⁰, place the wood and turn the power button to get the perfect wood piece. Miter cut is usually used when you need to fit two pieces into the corner.

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Bevel Cut:

It is the angled cut made from the face of the wood. You can also try to make the bevel cut with a simple saw, but it is tough to make, and on the other hand, it won’t cut an accurate piece because of the constant movement of the object.

To get a bevel cut, you need to set the angle of the bevel to 45⁰ and place the wood facing the saw directly. The primary purpose of getting a bevel cut is to use that bevel piece to the edges of the wood to prevent sharp corners.

Compound Cut:

It is a mixture of the miter and bevel cut. You can get a compound cut even from hand tools, but getting perfect angled cuts with bare hands is challenging. Also, getting a compound cut with a regular saw will take extra time.

Miter saw is there to help you with the perfect compound cut in a matter of no time. You just need to set the miter and bevel angle at 45⁰. You will get a compound cut with accurate measurements by turning on the machine.

To get all these cuts, you can utilize the best miter saw stands. They can provide the necessary support.

The Difference Between A Miter Saw And A Table Saw:

Miter Saw differs from the table saw in many ways, a few of which are explained below:

  • The table saw is fixed and non-moveable, while the Miter saw can be moved to any location. (Best for serving remote projects)
  • A table saw is only capable of cutting the wood into two pieces (vertical or horizontal), while a Miter Saw is the latest tool that can serve the user with different angle cuts, which mainly include crosscut, miter cut, bevel cut, and compound cut.

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Types of Miter saw

There are two primary types of miter saws in the market:

Sliding Miter saw: It allows the rail to move front and back, that help in cutting the longer boards with ease.

Compound Miter saw: Compound Miter saw includes both the bevel and miter cut, which means you can set the angle from the Miter and the bevel simultaneously to get the exact cutting.

Important considerations

Although we have explained all the primary uses of the Miter Saw, it is not limited to these functions only. So, here we are going to explain some essential considerations while considering using a Miter saw.

Remote function: It proved to be the best partner for the site workers who need to carry important tools with them at the site location. Miter saw is a compact and lightweight tool that can fit any firm table.

Accurate cuttings: Miter saw is used to get precise cuttings; although it can be obtained from other different tools such as a circular saw, table saw and handsaw, it will be difficult while burning more time and energy.

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People searching for the best and easily handled tool for accurate and precise cutting must go for a Miter saw. It is the best tool that allows cutting larger wood pieces into various lengths by adjusting the angle of the Miter saw according to the requirement.

Previously, table saws served the same purpose, but after manufacturing the Miter saw, skilled workers and carpenters, shifted all their operations to the Miter saw.

It is perfect for getting various angled cuts which mainly include:

  • Simple crosscut
  • Miter angle cut
  • Bevel cut
  • Compound cut

If you tend to perform any of the above-mentioned tasks, I suggest a ‘Miter Saw’. Even if there are other ways to get the cuts, as mentioned earlier, I haven’t come across any tool except a miter saw, which is more advanced and easy to use.

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