What is a String trimmer? Need More Details?

A string trimmer is a machine that uses nylon monofilament instead of blades to cut the green grass, edges, small weeds and ground cleanliness—commonly used to maintain neat edges of lawns and gardens.

The standard type of material used in string trimmer is plastic. Plastic’s quality determines the durability and longevity of the string trimmer. Other materials used in string trimmer are nylon monofilament, motor, anti-vibration mounts, control switch and blade guards.

The latest versions of string trimmer are perfect for maintaining a home garden.

The polymer pellets trimmer lasts longer than any other type because of its unbreakable properties.

Similarly, the polymer pellets string trimmer costs more than other plastic string trimmers as it is durable and takes care of your lawn for a long time.

Polymer pellet string trimmers are used for spacious lawns and commercial purposes.

The history of string trimmer is not too old. Houston, Texas’ resident, George Ballas, invented the first string trimmer. He came up with this idea after seeing the automatic car wash with nylon brushes.

He then invented the first string trimmer comprising nylon monofilaments in the 1970s to cut the extra bushes on his lawn.

What is the ideal material for a string trimmer?

The ideal material for a string trimmer is polymer pellets. Polymer pellets string trimmer is preferred because of its unbreakable quality compared to any other plastic material.

The polymer pellets’ plastic costs more than any other type of plastic. It is easily molded into different shapes and sizes.

Also, the frequency of use of the string trimmer directly affects the machine’s reliability.

Commercial use would need a powerful string trimmer especially made of hard plastic like polymer pellets, as they have to mow extensive lawns and gardens.

People concerned about environmental health may want to choose a string trimmer that makes less noise. For this, they would need an electric trimmer.

The electric trimmer needs a long corded connection to move smoothly around the grass.

What are the different types of string trimmers?

There are three types of string trimmers.

Gas-powered string trimmer: As the name suggests, it uses a mixture of gas and oil and is considered the most efficient type of string trimmer specially used for large lawns.

Electric powered string trimmer: This string trimmer uses an electric connection to run the operation.

It is not recommended for huge lawns and backyards as it requires a long cord attached to a string electricity connection.

Battery-powered string trimmers: It uses battery power to cut the grass. A lithium-ion battery will give you 40-60 minutes of working.

What is the ideal size for a string trimmer?

The ideal size of the string trimmer depends on how frequently you want to use it.

It works differently for commercial and residential purposes. If you want to mow a big lawn, you will need a gas-powered string trimmer.

What size of string trimmer do I need? It depends on the usage of the string trimmer. Set a reminder for 15 days and see how often your grass grows. A standard string trimmer can support 1500 square feet of garden.

If you live in an area where the soil is enriched with growth minerals, you might need a gas-powered string trimmer to meet the demands without the fear of electricity outage.

A commercially used string trimmer works differently than a residential trimmer.

You also want to consider the power and nylon monofilaments of the string trimmer.

A gas-powered string trimmer will outperform its functions in comparatively less time as it uses the 4:1 ratio of gas to oil.

Also, the nylon line should be of thick and stiff material to cut the grass in one go.

What are the use cases of a string trimmer?

what is a string trimmer

A use case of a string trimmer is the specific way you can use it for residential and commercial purposes. Some of the use cases are listed below.

  • Mowing lawns
  • Cutting sharp edges
  • Maintain neat edges
  • Versatile bushes
  • Less body ache

Once you have purchased the string trimmer, you will come to know more use cases of this machine.

Can you cut the grass with a string trimmer?

Yes, you can cut the grass with a string trimmer, but it is usually made for cutting sharp edges and small gardens.

How long should the trimmer line last?

It depends on how frequently you are using the string trimmer. Usually, the trimmer line lasts for about 3-6 months if you cut your grass every week. There is a chance that loading your string trimmer can elongate its life.

Why does my trimmer line run out so fast?

If you want your trimmer line to work in the long run, you should protect it from the significant damage from rocks and hard surfaces. Try to run the trimmer on grass and bushes.

Does the string trimmer use a lot of gasoline?

It only uses a 4:1 ratio of gas to oil and will give you 30-40 minutes of working capacity.

The gasoline string trimmer works better than any other trimmer because it is lightweight and handy.

What are the best string trimmer brands?

Below are the best string trimmer brands:

Best overall string trimmer: STIHL

Best powerful string trimmer: Greenworks

Best cost-friendly string trimmer: Ryobi

Best value string trimmer: Craftsman

What is the lifespan of a string trimmer?

Residential and commercial string trimmers differ in lifespan. A residential string trimmer can hold up to 4 years of use, whereas a commercial string trimmer can be used for more than 10 years.

The maintenance and routine checkup will increase the lifespan of the string trimmer in both cases. It depends on some of the other factors as well.

  • Maintenance
  • Purchase decision
  • Build quality
  • Nylon line

The average string trimmer costs $50-$300, which includes all the accessories. The cost of a string trimmer varies with the build quality and the energy it consumes to perform functions.

How does culture affect the usage of string trimmer?

The string trimmer made its way to most houses right after its invention. People now find these string trimmers as an easy way to maintain smooth and neat edges of their lawns.

The region where the soil is rich with essential minerals may have the rapid growth of their grass.

So string trimmer is highly prominent in these areas as it is handy and outperformed its functions.

A string trimmer is used in many countries with different usage. People who don’t like long grass and uneven bushes are most likely to use this machine.

The string trimmer serves a moving purpose, and you can also operate this machine in hilly areas.

What are the relevant tools to a string trimmer?

Edger: An edger is similar to a string trimmer as both have the primary function of cutting the grass, but an edger is used explicitly for maintaining neat and smooth edges.

Lawn Mower: A lawn mower is similar to a string trimmer as both are used to maintain lawns and gardens.

But lawn mower is designed to maintain extensive gardens as it works with a strong electricity connection.

Hedge Trimmer: The hedge trimmer is similar to a string trimmer; both are used to cut bushes. The primary function of a hedge trimmer is to cut vigorous bushes and pruning shears.

Grass Shears: A grass shear is similar to string trimmer as both are used to cut grass. But grass shear differs as it works manually.

What are the features of a superior string trimmer?

Here are the few features of a superior string trimmer.

Battery backup: It works best for the areas where electricity outage is the primary concern.

Steel Rod: Gives excellent strength to a string trimmer while cutting the long grass.

Nylon Line: A thick and hard nylon line cuts the grass efficiently and gives neat edges.

Guard Handle: It protects your hand while cutting tall bushes and branches.

Build quality: A good build quality will increase the life span of a string trimmer.

What are the parts of a string trimmer?

Parts of the string trimmer include:

Nylon Line: It is used to cut the long grass and forms neat edges.

Drive Shafts: It is a long rod connected with the motor to support the moving function of the string trimmer.

Fuel Tank: It is present in a gasoline-powered string trimmer used to pour gas into the oil mixture.

Anti-Vibration Mounts: They reduce the vibration produced by a powerful string trimmer. Works best for old age people.

Blade Guards: They ensure the safety of your hands while cutting the grass or maintaining spacious lawns.

Starter Pulley: It is used to start the engine of a gasoline-powered string trimmer.

Connecting Rods: These rods are responsible for connecting motor and nylon monofilament. These rods are solid and hard to mold.

How did string trimmer get its name?

It was named Weed Eater after its invention. Then gradually, its name was transformed to string trimmer because two small strings instead of blades were attached at the bottom to cut grass.

Different countries have different names for this machine. In some countries, it is also called weed eater, weed trimmer and weed whacker.

What is the history of a string trimmer?

Houston, Texas’ resident, George Ballas, invented the first string trimmer in 1970. It was a heavy-duty machine and used more energy and power to perform its function.

Also, the material used in its manufacturing was of low quality and could only stand 1 year of purchase.

Then in the late 1970s, the contract was handed over to the mechanical expert company, Emerson, to build a compact and energy-efficient string trimmer.

They formed the string trimmer that was quite efficient and easy to handle. Also, it used less power compared to the one developed initially.

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