Why is Electric Pressure Washer Cutting Out While Using?

Are you wondering Why is Electric Pressure Washer Cutting Out While Using it?

First of all, you need to understand that an electric pressure washer doesn’t run on oil or fuel, just like the gas-powered washers. It runs on an engine that needs adequate amounts of air to run normally.

A clog in an air cleaner will presumably cause the engine to get insufficient air to function. Therefore, it tends to cut out while working.

If you switch the electric pressure washer on, then it works for just a few minutes, then stops, then there’s a drag with the unloader valve. It probably could have failed.

Whenever the unloader valve fails, it doesn’t recirculate the water heater to the pump inlet. That’s why the pressure washer’s engine activates then off after a few minutes.

Reason for Electric Pressure Washer Cutting Out While Using

It depends on what you’re doing with it. A power washer motor does cycle, which suggests it turns itself on and off, especially once you turn it on and don’t press the nozzle immediately. When this happens, the pressure turns out inside the pump, which engages a switch that turns it off.

You can use the electric pressure washer only when you switch it ON again.

Once the nozzle is pressed, the pressure is out, then the pressure switch disengages, turning the pump on again. This is often something unique to electrical power washers, and it repeats itself once you abandon the discharge button.
Electric power washers are a handy tool which used in any home.

The facility of its motor is simply enough to urge any home job to avoid placing up with poisonous fumes or loud noises that sometimes come from gas-powered washers.

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Steps to Prevent Your Pressure Washer keep cutting out:

prevent pressure washer keeping cutting out infographic

Step 1: Makes sure your hands are dry. Also, check whether it’s connected off any wet ground and dry. You can put on your rubber gloves.

Step 2: Unplug the electric pressure washer from the electric supply.

Step 3: Check for any clogging in the air cleaner. Clogging might cause pressure in the washer causing it to cut out. If it isn’t clogged, then proceed to the subsequent step.

Step 4: Check if the unloader valve is in perfect condition because a faulty unloader valve is undoubtedly the culprit if your machine keeps cutting out.

Tips to Fix The Problem:

If everything is okay together with your pressure washer, but it still activates then cuts out, resetting the machine might catch on working again.

With the power off, press the spray gun’s trigger to get a gentle stream of water before turning on the machine.
Pressure can build up inside the electrical pressure washer whenever you switch it on but forget to press the release nozzle immediately. Such a situation might cause the appliance to cut off after a while.

Pressing the nozzle will enable you to unravel the power. Once you press it, it causes the pressure switch to disengage, turning on the pump.

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Final Thoughts

Electric washers enable you to take care of a clean home without putting up with heavy fumes or oil messes of other machines. We hope our tips will help you diagnose and fix the difficulty.

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