What Is A Large Room Humidifier?

A large room humidifier adds moisture to the dry air. It accumulates water in its tank and in return, release vapors to maintain the room’s air quality.

The most common type of material used in large room humidifier is plastic. It also comes in glass and light metal, which directly configures the price and longevity of the machine.

The updated large room humidifier is more efficient in maintaining the room’s moisture. Apart from the material used in manufacturing of large room humidifier, it never compromises the key function of stabilizing the room’s air.

Plastic large room humidifier lasts longer than any other type as it is compact and hard to break. It also costs more than any other type because of its long-lasting and reliable properties.

In terms of usage and exposure, a metal humidifier is also a good option but that won’t last long. It works best for small and air tight rooms.

The history of humidifier goes back to the 17th century. The first humidifier was invented in 1783 by Jean Jacques Dussourd. This humidifier was used in hospitals to provide clean and mist air.

In this way, the technology of maintaining the air quality was introduced. Later, the design of the humidifier was improved and in 1962 Raymond Banks applied for a patent of a room humidifier.

It was accepted in 1963 and came into the market with the particular task of improving the air quality in rooms, houses, and buildings.

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What Is The Ideal Material For A Large Room Humidifier?

The ideal material used for a large room humidifier is plastic. The plastic large room humidifier is preferred because of its rust-free and unbreakable properties.

Metal large room humidifier costs more than any other type. The cheapest room humidifier comes in a mixture of plastic and glass, but that won’t last long. The durability and longevity depends on the exposure and frequency of use of a large room humidifier.

The humidifiers used in big houses and commercial buildings will cost more as they are used frequently to maintain air quality. A large room humidifier requires a fixed spot to perform its functions efficiently.

People who are concerned about environmental health should consider the accurate size of the humidifier according to their room or wherever they decide to place it. If the humidifier is bigger than the requirement, it will allow bacteria and mildew to grow inside the room.

What Are The Different Types Of Large Room Humidifier?

There are three major types of large room humidifiers.

Central humidifier: Central humidifier is hard-wired to the house’s plumbing system. It is installed in the house during initial construction.

Impeller humidifier: Impeller humidifier depends on the disc that moves a small amount of water towards the diffuser. The diffuser breaks down the water particles and allows it to float into the surrounding air.

Ultrasonic humidifier: It is a simple humidifier which includes a diaphragm or other vibrating material. The diaphragm vibrates at such a high frequency that a human ear cannot hear. This action causes the water to evaporate into the surroundings.

What Is The Ideal Size For A Large Room Humidifier?

The ideal size of the large room humidifier depends on the size of the room. It works differently for big houses and commercial buildings. A big house will need multiple humidifiers installed in different locations compared to the average house.

Similarly, the commercial building also needs many humidifiers to meet the exact demand of the building.

What size large room humidifier do I need? It depends on the area you need to cover. You need to measure the size of your room. Usually, the standard size of an ample room is 1000 square ft. and humidifier with the capacity to hold 3 gallons of water is enough for this size room.

In the same way, if you are using the humidifier for a large building or big house, calculate the building size in square ft. Then according to the measurements install the humidifiers in the desired spots.

You might also want to consider the power of the large room humidifier. It usually uses 50W of power. As a result, it will steam 1 gallon of water in the surroundings to improve air quality. The bigger humidifier will consume more power.

What Are The Use Cases Of A Large Room Humidifier?

Some of the use cases of the large room humidifier are:

  • Improve air quality
  • Effective in treating dryness of nose, lips, and skin
  • Reduce snoring
  • Repel germs and viruses
  • Beneficial for people with asthma and allergies

Once you have installed the large room humidifier, you will get to know more use cases of this machine.

Is it OK to sleep with a humidifier on?

Running the humidifier during sleep is safe as it improves the air quality and removes the dryness of skin, throat, and nose.

Can you use tap water with a humidifier?

Yes, using tap water for your room humidifier is perfectly fine.

What is better, a vaporizer or humidifier?

Both are good for improving the house’s air quality, but vaporizer is dangerous for children as it can burn the skin in close interaction.

Does a cool mist humidifier make the room colder?

No, a cool mist humidifier won’t make your room cold.

Why does a humidifier make the room foggy?

The minerals in the tap water cause the white substance to settle on the walls and other surfaces.

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What Are The Best Large Room Humidifier Brands?

The best large room humidifier so far are:

Best value large room humidifier: AquaOasis

Best overall large room humidifier: Pure Enrichment

Best eco-friendly large room humidifier: Crane

Best cost-friendly large room humidifier: Levoit

What Is The Life Span Of A Large Room Humidifier?

The average life span of a large room humidifier is 5-10 years. Depending on the quality and brand you have. Regular checkups can increase the average life span of the large room humidifier.

Some other factors on which the life span of a large room humidifier depends:

  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning after every 3-4 days
  • Quality
  • Power connection
  • Water used inside the tank

The average cost of a single large room humidifier varies from $30-$150.

How Does The Culture Affect The Usage Of Large Room Humidifier?

Humidifiers took to every house right after their invention. People started using large room humidifiers to clean the air and maintain a good amount of moisture inside their houses.

Humidifier plays a vital role in the northern hemisphere because those areas face winter throughout their life. A large room humidifier proved to be a valuable machine for these areas especially.

Cool-weather brings dryness, while summers maintain moisture in the air. It is used by several people all around the world to fight the dryness of skin, hair, and throat. A high-quality large room humidifier efficiently eliminates the dryness and unrolls the mist to the surroundings.

What Are The Relevant Products For Large Room Humidifier?

Indoor green plants: Indoor green plants work similarly to large room humidifier. Both are used to spread moisture in the air. Indoor green plants only provide moisture to their surrounding area and cannot travel to your room.

Fan humidifier: Fan humidifier works the same as a large room humidifier. Both provide vapors to the room, but the fan humidifier uses more water compared to the large room humidifier.

Steam vaporizer: It works in parallel with the large room humidifier. Both are used to provide moisture to the surrounding air. Steam vaporizer only gives hot vapors and cannot provide cool mist.

What Are The Features Of A Superior Large Room Humidifier?

Here are some of the features of a superior large room humidifier:

Cool mist: Large room humidifier can provide cool mist in winters.

Less water consumption: A large humidifier uses less water without compromising the primary function.

Quality: A good quality large room humidifier will increase the results and serve for longer duration.

Variety in colors: High-end large room humidifier brands offer a variety of colors.

Improves air quality: After running for almost 3-4 hours, a large room humidifier will enhance the air quality efficiently.

What Are The Parts Of A Large Room Humidifier?

Parts of a large room humidifier include:

Water tank: It stores the water and transforms it into vapors or steam.

Digital control: It provides quick access to control temperature and working of a large room humidifier.

Filter: It helps large room humidifier in spreading only clean mist.

Solid Base: It provides firm support for the large room humidifier.

LED light: LED light indicates the water level and distribution of steam.

How Did A Large Room Humidifier Get Its Name?

The name is already unambiguous. People started using a humidifier in their houses and rooms to have cool and moist air. It was a problem in cold areas where dry nose, throat, and skin are a major trouble. Earlier, people used green plants to have mist air, but it was not helpful for indoor areas.

A large room humidifier served the same purpose with extreme productivity. As the name suggests, a large room humidifier helps provide cool and warm mist.

What Is The History Of A Large Room Humidifier?

The history of humidifier goes back to the 17th century when people showed a significant concern about having moisture in their room due to the increasing problems of dry nose, throat, cough, and asthma. The first humidifier was invented in 1783 by Jean Jacques Dussourd.

It was used in large hospitals to maintain the moisture in the air. It has the only function of providing vapors in the room.

Later, room humidifiers were extensively demanded and in 1962 Raymond Banks invented the updated design of room humidifier. It provided both cool and warm mist in rooms and houses. This room humidifier was the first version of a commercially used humidifier.

The Raymond Banks humidifier was patented in 1963 and moved to more significant markets just in time. The invention of a large room humidifier was a breakthrough for the people living in the northern hemisphere, where winter is their primary partner.

A large room humidifier proved to be a helpful machine for these people. It perfectly removed the problems like dry nose, skin, throat, and asthma. Today, we see the most updated version of the large room humidifier.

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