Best Wood Chipper 2023 Reviews (Efficiency is Priority)

Are you looking to buy the best wood chipper this time?

We tried many of them from different brands to find the efficiency, good weight & big collection bin ⎯ all in one chipper. Here are the top seven chippers based on our experience.

Glossary: A wood chipper/shredder is a machine used to break down tree barks and other large pieces of wood into wood chips and crushed wood used later for different purposes.

The device is of suitable size which you can tow easily to forests and wherever needed. The wood chipper runs on power provided by a combustion engine. People use wood shredders widely nowadays, both commercially and for private use.

Best Wood Chipper 2023 List (Top 7 Picks):


Weight (lb)

Thickness Capacity (inches)


Sun Joe CJ603E 15



WEN 41121 15-Amp Rolling Electric Wood Chipper and Shredder



Earthwise GS70015



Sun Joe CJ602E 15



GreatCircleUSA Wood Chipper



Landworks Wood Chipper Shredder



SuperHandy Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher



1. Sun Joe CJ603E 15

Sun Joe store is among the popular brands for wood shredders, and their products have been in the market for long enough to be reliable. Following are some of its features:

  • Suitable for turning leaves, twigs, bushes, and branches into mulch
  • 15 amp motor that shreds branches up to 73 inches thick
  • Safety hopper with locking knob to stop the motor when it’s opened
  • It has 7-inch wheels for portability
  • Weighs 38.6 pounds

The machine’s user manual is beneficial for safety guides and vital operational points to consider before operating the machine.

This wood chipper works for various trimming diameters and consistencies, so you can conveniently cut woods of different shapes and sizes.

One of the common concerns with wood shredders is how they spray dust everywhere, but this one doesn’t; there is no sawdust in the air post chipping.

The wood chipper breaks even the most challenging trees, like the bark of an apple tree, which otherwise would cost you a considerable sum of money to get it cut.

Since the machine cuts woods serially, the sticks and wood pieces have to be loaded one by one, which might take some time.

Do not put freshly cut tree branches in it that are still wet as the pieces need to dry properly to be chipped properly. This shredder is a great choice!


  • One of the oldest brands
  • Can shed branches up to 73 inches thick
  • 7-inch wheels for portability
  • It has options for different wood diameters
  • Doesn’t spray dust everywhere
  • The powerful machine can break even the toughest of trees.


  • Pieces have to be put one by one as it cuts serially only
  • Damp branches will cause the machine to malfunction; hence they have to be dried out perfectly before shredding

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2. WEN 41121 15-Amp Rolling Electric Wood Chipper and Shredder

Wen has high ratings by most of its products’ users, including a range of wood shredders available. This wood chipper is among the top ones, so let’s check out its unique characteristics:

  • Used to turn excess lawn clippings, twigs, and foliage into nutrient-rich mulch
  • You can chip sticks and branches of up to 1.5 inches
  • It has a 15 amp motor that gives 8000 cuts per minute.
  • For safety purposes, the machine won’t start if the hopper is open
  • The shredder has two 7-inch blades, two 6-inch wheels, a collection bag, and a push stick
  • Two years of warranty
  • Weighs 23.1 pounds

It is hassle-free to begin with; sticks and pieces hardly get stuck in the chopper and won’t get jammed even if you put large barks.

Let it rest for a bit between the chipping of large pieces to maintain satisfactory results. Large trees are usually an issue to cut, but this wood chipper makes the process smooth; the shredder shreds wood and branches of any size you put in it.

The high-quality blades it comes with have the option of being reversed (double-edged), replaced, or sharpened, which means you won’t feel the need to get a new machine anytime soon.

The price of this wood chipper is market-competitive, if not less. The purchasing process and delivery are smooth, and the post-delivery service is also commendable.

If the wood pieces are enormous, they’ll need to be pushed in a little into the chopper with hands so make sure to wear gloves before you use this shredder.

Some hardwoods may not get shredded very finely if they are too hard, so you might have to cut it first into pieces before putting it in the chipper.


  • Highly rated product
  • Branches up to 1.5 inches can be shredded
  • safety features are up to the mark
  • 7-inch blades
  • Two years of warranty
  • Hassle-free operation
  • Can cut large trees easily
  • Blades can be reversed, i.e., they are sharp-edged on both sides.
  • Blades can be replaced
  • Price is market competitive


  • Sometimes the wood pieces must be pushed with hands because it’s too tight.
  • Some hardwoods might not get shredded in the first go.

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3. Earthwise GS70015

A few brands in the market make quality wood shredders, and Earthwise is one of them. This wood chipper’s shape is slightly different from the usual wood shredders, but it gets the job done. Following are some of its characteristics:

  • It has a 15-amp electric motor to shred branches up to 1.75 inches thick
  • Has 1.2-bushel collection bin to keep the machine clean and tidy
  • It’s Portable with rear wheels 
  • Chute and tamper tool to keep the operator safe and free
  • Weighs 31 pounds

The collection box at the bottom of the machine is terrific for spreading the chips throughout the yard as it breaks the branches pretty well.

The assembling part of the product is smooth and error-free; the details are easy to identify and put together, and the machine is up and running in no time!

The machine does not jam, to begin with, but even if it does, when a sharp chunk of wood gets stuck, it is not difficult to get it unjammed! It only takes some seconds to get it back on track and the shredder is ready to eat it all up!

If you’re the kind of person who dislikes noise, you would appreciate this machine a bit more. Although the process of woodcutting itself is noisy, this wood chipper does it quietly, and you don’t need ear protection.

Safety glasses are a must for this one; bits and pieces of wood might spread a bit here and there, so you may not take any risks with that.

The interlock switch lacks some protection which sometimes lets the dust in, hindering the machine, but you can bypass the switch to resolve this.


  • A 15-amp electric motor can shred branches up to 1.75 inches thick
  • Portable with rear wheels
  • Chute and tamper tools to keep the operator safe
  • Collection box to spread the chips evenly throughout the yard
  • Assembly of the product is straightforward
  • The machine is very fluent in operation
  • Noise is very minimal


  • The interlock switch lacks some protection.
  • Dust can get in, which hinders the machine’s operation.

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4. Sun Joe CJ602E 15

This shredder, available in 3 different colors, is ideal for turning wood branches into mulch. It comes with a 2-year warranty and much more so let’s look at its main features:

  • It has a 15 amp motor that cuts up to 1.5 inches thick branches
  • The sound power level is 113 dB
  • ETL approved
  • 6-inch wheels so you can move it easily
  • No-load speed aka rpm is 4100
  • Has an instant start switch
  • Weighs 26.2 pounds
  • Designed for light-duty jobs

The wood chipper comes with a paddle, so you will not have to manually shove branches into the machine, making it safer to use it.

This shredder is the most suitable for tree prunings; fruit trees and others need regular pruning, and you can use that excess branches by turning them into mulch.

The machine can work for hours at a stretch without burning out or getting heated up!

Have some spare hours and want to get done with chipping in one go? The Sun Joe wood chipper is your go-to product.

The price catches the attention; it’s an excellent buy for those who regularly do wood chipping.

The opening is narrow, though, which means that with some branches, you might have to do some pre-trimming to make it thin and straight.

The paddle holder sometimes falls off, but you can attach it back without much of an issue.


  • ideal for turning wood branches into mulch.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • A 15-amp motor can shred branches up to 1.5 inches thick
  • Instant start switches
  • Designed for light-duty jobs
  • It comes with a paddle, so you don’t have to put in the branches manually
  • Can work for hours without burning out
  • Catchy price


  • Narrow openings, so some branches must be chipped in before being put in.
  • The paddle holder sometimes falls off.

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5. GreatCircleUSA Wood Chipper

This gas-powered mulcher is a heavy-duty wood chipper with multiple functions and a robust structure. To get an insight into the machine, we’ll have to go through its properties:

  • 3 in 1: mulcher, shredder, and chipper with multiple reduction ratios
  • The maximum capacity is 0.7 gallons 
  • Can handle wood up to 3 inches thick in diameter
  • Conveniently designed to mow the lawn or to cut tree branches
  • Suitable for fire breakouts as it is CARB certified
  • You can use it for forestry, landscaping, or waste recycling
  • Weighs 125.7 pounds

The machine’s input to output ratio is excellent; with 2.8 liters of gas, the machine operated for 3 hours at a stretch with no hiccups!

Product productivity makes it worthwhile. Since it can take up to 3 inches thick wood sticks, you would not trim the wood beforehand. The number of branches getting stuck in the machine will drastically reduce.

The instruction manual for this wood chipper is accurate and helpful; it mentions everything there is to know about the product and even the minor details that are often left out.

The sucker works efficiently to even take in big branches without the hassle of you having to use your hands; manually, you will not have to push the branches.

The bag design can blow off every once in a while, and for that, you can use some spring-loaded clips to hold it.

Since the shredder machine is relatively bigger, the shipping service might have transported it roughly, but you can easily exchange it from the company.


  • Heavy-duty machine
  • Multiple functions and robust structure
  • 3 in 1: shredder, chipper, mulcher
  • Capacity is 0.7 gallons
  • Can shred wood up to 3 inches thick
  • Ideal for mowing the lawn and cutting tree branches
  • Suitable for fire breakouts as it is CARB certified
  • Input to output ratio is phenomenal
  • Very high productivity ratio
  • The instruction manual is convenient
  • No need to push the branches as it cuts the thickest of woods


  • The bag blows off every once in a while, so you have to find a way to hold it.
  • The machine is relatively big; it can create problems for transportation.

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6. Landworks Wood Chipper Shredder

This electric wood chipper with a belt-driven motor uses the latest technology to break down wood into smaller pieces without causing smog or noise.

Listed below are some of its characteristics:

  • Approved and certified for quality and safety
  • Chipping capacity of 17:1
  • 15 amp 1800 WATT motor
  • Can cut branches of up to 1.57 inches diameter
  • The body is made of polypropylene which protects rotor assembly from rusting or denting.
  • It has a sturdy push paddle and supply cable.

This shredder machine’s power is commendable; as long as it fits in the sucker, the device will cut anything and everything into mulch and does not stall.

Since the Landworks wood chipper machine is compact, it is suitable for smaller gardens and lawns as well but at the same time cuts branches of more giant trees too.

Post delivery service is excellent by Landworks; if you find any part missing, just let them know immediately, and they’ll get it delivered to you as soon as possible.

The product is packed in a way that makes it unchallenging to assemble it once it is delivered; the process of putting the parts together is straightforward and quick.

The manual may be a little mixed up and complicated, but it shouldn’t be much of a problem since the chipper is easy to assemble. The machine is a bit loud, but you can wear ear gear to prevent noise exposer while operating the machine.


  • Latest technology: electric chipper with a belt-driven motor
  • It doesn’t cause smog or noise
  • Certified for quality and safety
  • 15-amp 1800-WATT motor
  • Polypropylene body: protects the rotor from rusting or denting
  • It has incredible power to cut anything and everything into mulch
  • The compact structure makes it suitable for smaller places
  • After-sales service is great
  • Assembling is straightforward and quick


  • Manual is tricky to understand
  • The machine is pretty loud, so you have to wear ear gear.

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7. SuperHandy Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher

The shape of this wood chipper is a little different from other shredders since it’s smaller in size, but it works pretty much the same. The product has several properties:

  • It has a reduction ratio of 15:1 
  • High volume chipping as it has a large feeding chute
  • Can cut wood up to 3 inches thick in diameter
  • Adjustable discharge guide for accurate debris discharge 
  • Angled range of 90-145 degrees
  • 7HP 212cc gas-powered engine with single cylinder
  • CARB certified

This wood chipper’s blades are sharp enough to cut precisely and quickly; the thick branches are reduced down in no time, and the edges don’t wear off.

The product was packaged well enough, which helped to open it quickly and assemble it. The pieces were carefully packed separately and the process to put them together was straightforward.

Since the shredder compact you can move it around the garden or forest without much hassle; this could lead to time-saving! The engine works smoothly; it starts with a single pull each time and does not stall.

The chipping rotor should be dealt with delicacy since it’s prone to breaking up but otherwise gets the job done.


  • It has a reduction ratio of 15:1
  • Large feeding chute aids high-volume shredding
  • Can cut wood up to 3 inches thick
  • 7HP 212cc gas-powered engine with single cylinder
  • CARB certified
  • Sharp blades help to cut precisely and accurately
  • Easy assembling
  • The compact structure makes it very easy to move around the garden
  • Engine works smoothly


  • The chipping rotor is a bit sensitive and needs to be dealt with delicately; otherwise, it could break.

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Things to consider when buying a wood chipper:

The inconvenience of cleaning up after a storm where a tree or large branch fell is a reality for most homeowners. This question seems to arise every spring and fall: what should I do with so many broken branches in my backyard?

By reducing those pesky branches to mulch with the help of a chipper, you might save time, money, and effort. In addition, the output chute on most wood chippers may be rotated through a full circle.

You’re missing out on major savings and giving yourself more labor if you don’t have a chipper. If you’re looking for a wood chipper but aren’t sure which ones are available, this guideline should assist. We’ll go through some of the most well-known factors and considerations to be looked at when buying your first wood chipper and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

1. Power

Shredding and chopping wood is a tedious job that you would want to get over quickly, so the chipper must have a powerful engine.

The speed of the motor tells a lot about the efficiency of the product.

2. Ease of use

The shredders come in different shapes and sizes, but that does not mean that you should make any compromise on user-friendliness. The parts of the machine should be easy to assemble, and installation should be uncomplicated. Learn the detailed procedure to understand how to use wood chippers.

3. Durability

Chipper is a product to be used every few days, so this shredder’s tolerance of extreme temperatures and wear and tear of everyday use is a big deal! Since it is not a cheap buy, you can’t just replace it. 

4. Electric-powered or Gas powered

An electric chipper won’t have the same muscle as a gas-powered one, but it can still get the job done. Although most of these tools are only effective on scattered debris, the bigger ones may chip tiny limbs because of their motors’ 1 or 2 horsepower. You’ll need to plug them in or use a sturdy extension cable if you want to utilize them.

Thankfully, my experiences have shown me that electric motors are equally practical as their gas-powered counterparts. Since gas-powered chippers usually have at least 5-10 horsepower, the preceding paragraph was meant to give you a sense of the public’s perception of the electric wood chipper.

A life-changing experience using a land works wood chipper/shredder. Its motor produced a whopping 1800 W of cutting power. It was considerably quieter and more productive.

Although the electric shredders I’ve used in the past weren’t as effective as gas-powered ones, I feel obligated to include the standard view of people in this guide as well.

On the other hand, gas chippers allow you to chip huge branches, twigs and leaves. They can automatically suck debris off the ground, and it also doesn’t need to be plugged in since it runs on Gas; hence they can be used anywhere.

5. Feed capacity

The machine’s “feed capacity often indicates the maximum diameter of branches a wood chipper can chop.” For instance, compact electric units are typically certified for limbs with a thickness ranging from 1.3 to 1.9 inches (33 to 48 millimeters), with the proviso being they could only handle thin branches made of tender wood and hardwoods such as oak.

The feed capacity of commercial chippers ranges from as little as three inches (76 millimeters) for smaller machines used in tree care and rental to as much as twenty-one inches (533 millimeters) or more for big machines used in forestry operations.

Sun Joe was the finest in the diameter aspect. It had the maximum capacity to shred up to 73 inches thick. Having a lower feed capacity will add in more labor hours required. Although you will save money as shippers with lower feed capacity are pretty inexpensive but saving money at what cost?

6. Throat size

The actual width and height of a chipper’s intake chopper are referred to as the throat size of the machine. It is essential to be aware that the throat size of a chipper is typically more prominent than the largest diameter of branches that it can process; as a result, you should take care not to overburden the machine.

If you intend to mulch leaves, shrubs, and branches with leaves on them, you should choose a machine with a larger throat. The mouths of rolling home chippers are typically between 2 and 3 inches (51 to 76 mm), whereas the throats of rolling commercial chippers range from 6 to 21 inches.

7. Disc chippers or drum chippers

One of two primary cutting mechanisms is commonly utilized in wood chippers. Disc chippers are usually more fuel-efficient than other chippers; nevertheless, they can cause branches to become entangled in the hopper and may necessitate a bigger housing for the chipper.

Drum chippers, in contrast, have a reputation for being more prolific and better equipped to manage branches and oil palm trunks that have an uneven form. Additionally, drum chippers can be more streamlined. Drum chippers often have blades and anvils that are simpler to replace or modify than other chippers.

8. Reduction ratio

Reduction ratio, or the percentage by which the chipper reduces the debris’ volume, is another number often thrown around in the chipper community. Reduction ratios are typically between 10:1 and 20:1. The number of flails, knives, or blades on a chipper might vary its effectiveness.

Adding more cutters to a chipper improves its reduction ratio and lengthens the time between sharpening. Some of the larger “whole-tree” drum chippers may have as many as twenty blades.

I found the super handy mini wood chipper to have the best reduction ratio. There might be many more, but this device is just supreme. Since It is very compact, I managed to turn every little piece I found on the ground into mulch. It is gas-powered; hence I could easily steer it around the yard. It was just amazing to see the wonders this compact device can do.

9. Safety features

Many modern wood chippers include automated safety locks that prevent operation while the hopper is open or perhaps the machine is being unclogged, ensuring the operator’s safety at all times. For instance, Altec has the Panic Bar, a manual lever that may be used to halt the feed rollers. As a bonus, it would be great if unclogging procedures were as simple and risk-free as Vermeer’s SmartFeed stop-and-reverse feed roller.

A tow bar system will allow you to move a smaller chipper with your lawn mower or tractor. Self-sharpening or reversible blades are available on some models, which extends their useful life and reduces the frequency of blade adjustments.

To save money on fuel, wood chippers with engines can use electric starters or idle reduction features like when there is no wood in the feeder. Last but not least, commercially available towable chippers may be controlled by remote.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

What horsepower is required for a wood chipper?

Most PTO chippers require an engine with at least 15 horsepower (hp), meaning that lawn tractors and other models with a lower horsepower rating won’t be able to use them. Larger chippers often require 30 horsepower or more.

Does it make sense to invest in a wood chipper?

If you require a machine with a lesser capacity, you would be better off purchasing one. Rental and purchase costs for smaller models are more consistent with one another than they are for larger ones. Investing in a large-capacity machine that can grind up scrap wood and produce mulch will save you time and money if you need to do this task on a frequent basis.

How large of a log can one feed into a wood chipper?

Between 0.5 centimeters and 6.5 centimeters.

A non-commercial chipper is typically designed to process material with a diameter of up to 6.5 centimeters (2.5 inches). If you do not choose a model with a higher price point, repeatedly feeding branches with a width of more than two inches has the potential to prematurely dull or distort the blades.

Is it possible for me to turn a profit with a wood chipper?

Wood chipping may be an efficient method to generate money with meager initial investment requirements, making it an excellent option to explore if you are considering launching a small business. Mulch, which may be used for beautiful landscaping and composting, is produced when a wood chipping firm grinds up the yard waste of its clients.

Is it possible to feed timber into a wood chipper?

No, a 2×4 should not be fed into a wood chipper like that at all. It would be best if you never fed strain timber into the wood grinder because the wood is too difficult for the machine to process and may contain harmful chemicals. What is this, exactly? Most commercially available lumber is more abrasive than untreated timber, which might cause damage to your wood chipper and render your guarantee null and invalid.

How long do the blades of a wood chipper typically last?

The longevity of a blade for a wood chipper can be affected by both the substance being chipped and the frequency with which the blade is used. The lifetime of a single blade is generally between 75 and 150 hours, whereas the career of a double-sided blade is often between 150 and 300 hours. The average life expectancy of a single-sided blade is 70 to 150 hours.

How razor-sharp do the blades of the chipper need to be?

The parameters of the wood chipper, the material being chopped, and the knife manufacturer are taken into consideration throughout the manufacturing process of wood chipper knives, resulting in very exact and particular specifications. These close standards need to be sustained within 4 to 10 thousandths of an inch to obtain the best possible performance from a wood chipper.

The Verdict

We listed some of the best wood chippers available in the market. The products have unique features so you can choose them according to your needs.

An informed choice will help one in picking the most suitable product. 

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