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Let's Remodel Your Bathroom?

Do you fantasize about a lavish bathroom you see in luxurious hotel rooms? It will be expensive, but you can save and spend on some luxuries in your life. 

Enjoying a hot water bath every weekend or getting the shower from a high-powered shower faucet is something you can spend a few hundred dollars extra, can’t you? Besides, it is not going to be a daily or weekly spend.

Before starting your bathroom remodeling, you must know the basics, like what options you have in the remodeling process, what material you can utilize, and what some of the major appliances and equipment people use to make bathrooms more suitable. 

You don’t have to use everything others are using, but with complete knowledge of what’s available, you can make your choice and adjust your budget accordingly.

You Can Expect The Best!

We understand that if you haven’t gone through the bathroom remodeling process earlier, you might not have an idea of how things work. It is a lot different than the other home remodeling ventures you might have gone through.

There are multiple products, with each product having numerous brands. Similarly, you’ll find several contractors providing you with different rates for the same work scope. So, what to choose? This definitely brings in confusion.

To cater to this problem, Ruling Homes provides you with a comprehensive plan to choose your products for the bathroom. Even the services required in the remodeling process are all mentioned here.

With all the information available, you can choose the best product brands and ensure your bathroom becomes exactly as you want after completing the remodeling process.

What’s Included In Bathroom Remodeling?

Are you wondering what is in bathroom remodeling? Well, the simple answer to this question is anything that you want to change in your bathroom can be included in the bathroom remodeling task.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be building something new. Here are the main activities to expect in bathroom remodeling services:


If you have a leaking roof or a problem with your walls, availing of bathroom remodeling services can help you fix these issues.

You don’t always have to expand or contract to get the repairing work done.


Your bathroom might be old, lacking all the new equipment and fun stuff, so if you want to include it too, you should install new products.

It can range from simple appliances to large bathtubs. Installing them and ensuring the proper water and electricity connections are essentials of this service.


Depending on what equipment and product you choose or the bathroom picture you have in mind, you will need construction services. It could be for separating the bath area from the toilet or for taking in extra room for fitting all the utensils.

Whatever it is, you need construction for this purpose, and a bathroom remodeling company can help you with it efficiently.

What Are The Materials Included In The Bathroom Remodeling Services?

While remodeling your bathroom, you will come across many different material types; some things might be required in the building for the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, while others could be essential for fixing the new products. But in any case, you might have to buy these materials in one form or another.


Using ceramic on the walls of your bathroom is quite common. There are multiple colors and designs available in the ceramics that add to the beauty of your washroom. One thing you should be aware of before your purchase is that you can even find the anti-mildew and colored grout variety, so ensure to visit multiple stores before you finalize your purchase decision.


Using glass as the material for remodeling your bathroom adds to the luxurious appeal. You can even use it for easy cleaning. Besides, it works as a durable material that can keep your bathroom beautiful for years to come.


One of the cost-effective solutions for your bathroom remodeling is concrete. Apart from being cost-effective, it is also essential in some situations where you need to build walls or other firm structures. Besides, you might use polished concrete on the floor depending upon your budget and preference of your bathroom.  


For many, wood will be the last material you can utilize in a bathroom. But there is a lot of new variety with enhanced features that ensure wood maintains its color and shape.

So, you can look for this specific wood variety, choose the color that matches your other items in the bathroom, and you’ll be good to go.

What Products Can Be Part of A Bathroom Remodeling Project?

Are you wondering about the options available to make your bathroom look extravagant? Not all these products make your bathroom luxurious, but the type of product and the brand you choose for each product can do so.

So, you can also consider this list for finding products for a general bathroom. The point here is to help our readers plan out a bathroom remodeling plan with great ease.

Despite this long list of products, we still believe that this list is not exhaustive, and a wide range of products that can be a part of your bathroom is still missing.

But note that the more products you’ll keep adding to your bathroom, the more expensive it will get. Besides, it will become difficult for you to keep it clean all the time. So, make a rational choice. But if you have been longing for luxury, nothing is stopping you.


There are many bathtubs available including the hot tubs, from simple containers to lavish Jacuzzis; and that too in multiple styles.


Vanities to store bathroom items and toiletries can be made from simple wood. If not wood, you can expect plastic and other solid material for the vanities. Which one do you need?


Just beside the sink, the granite countertops present a beautiful look. You might want to change the material from granite to concrete or simple tiles, but whatever you select, make sure to align it with the color combination of the other items.


High-quality bathtub and sink faucets can add to your shower and hand washing experience. Water falling on your hands in a rhythm cannot only offer you a brief massage but a way to optimize the water flow. Depending upon your choice, you’ll get a perfect product ready.

Shower Systems:

Like a detachable shower head or the attached one with a unique hole style to let you enjoy every drop of water? Do you need a steel variety or the plastic one? Make these choices and get fantastic products for your bathroom remodeling project.

Shower Accessories:

Similarly, there are a lot of accessories available, including towel hangers and extra shelves. You can make things as extravagant as you want, but you must take care of the space required in the fitting and your budget.

Lavatory Sinks and Accessories:

Deep, circular, rectangular, single, and double lavatory sinks are just a few options. There is a whole variety in each sink type, and this list is just the starting point. Besides, accessories like a soap holder, mirror, and towel stand are among the extras you must choose for your bathroom.

Exhaust Fans:

Don’t even imagine your bathroom remodeling to be completed without the inclusion of an exhaust fan. If you have a hidden space with it, you should buy the one with the highest efficiency. But if it comes in the visible range, you have to find a mix of efficiency and aesthetics as you can’t let an exhaust fan ruin the entire bathroom, and not having it is not even an option.

Shelves, Stands, Mats, and Accessories:

There are multiple types of shelves, stands, mats, and accessories to include in your bathroom. While visiting the relevant store, you’ll find the options you have.


Your bathroom remains incomplete without mirrors. The more mirrors you’ll use in your bathroom, the better outlook it will create. Using mirrors can also help you in enhancing the space of your bathroom. So, even if it is not huge, you can make it look super-sized just by adding mirrors at strategic locations.

Process of Bathroom Remodeling:

If you aim to remodel your bathroom completely, converting your old bathroom to a new bathroom requires the following process:

Selection of Vanity:

You must select the vanity as the first thing because that will make it easier to mix and match all the other elements of the bathroom together for a better outlook.

Selection of Your Bathtub and Shower Glass Doors:

The next thing should be the selection of a bathtub as it will require most of your space, so adjusting it within the available space could be a challenge; thus, it is important to select it in the beginning.

Similarly, the glass shower door should be the next. Getting the right measurements for this door is essential. It is an important task in the bathroom remodeling process.

Selection of Faucets:

You won’t like to have a different faucet for the bathtub, shower area, or lavatory sink. So, choosing something that will give a holistic overview of your bathroom will be the perfect thing to-do. Do not forget to check the water flow, as not all faucets provide you with the flow of water you are used to.

Select the Tile For Your Shower and Backsplash:

The next thing you’ll have to select for your bathroom is the tile for the shower area. The tiles in the shower area are often different from the other part of the washroom. It gives the bathroom a different look and feel, which isn’t possible otherwise.

But you must not keep it very different from the other part of the bathroom as it will make it look odd.

Select Your Toilet:

The toilet seats are an integral part of the bathroom selection. While you spend hundreds of dollars on making your toilet beautiful, you must select the toilet seat with due diligence.

There is a lot of variety available, not only in terms of colors but design and utility. So, you have a lot of decisions to make to get your bathroom perfect.  

Select Your Lighting:

At any place, lighting can significantly improve or undermine the entire look; the bathroom is no exception. No matter how much you spend on your bathroom, if the lighting is inadequate, other things won’t get in-line properly.

Besides, the lighting fixtures aren’t something to ignore. There are so many lighting types and options available that making a decision will be difficult. But it is better to do it before the entire process starts, or you’ll be a bit too late.

Why Should You Rely on Ruling Homes For Your Bathroom Remodeling?

Are you wondering why you should rely on Ruling Homes for your bathroom remodeling? Well, there are multiple reasons. We don’t only provide you with remodeling services but also present you with buying guides to help you choose the right products for your home.

You can understand the purpose of the existence of different products in the bathroom and then decide if you need a product or not. When you make up your mind to include a product in your bathroom, then comes the brand selection part. Within the range of products, we provide you with an independent analysis of the best brands available in the market, thus making the selection process easier.


How Long Can Bathroom Remodeling Take?

The bathroom remodeling process can be finished within a day or can extend up to months. The answer depends on the changes you need in your particular scenario. If you need a lot of construction or installations, you’ll need different resources like an electrician, plumber, and a mason in some cases to get things perfect.

But if you’ll revamp your existing equipment, it might not need much longer.

Do You Provide Any Product Warranty?

No, we don’t sell products at Ruling Homes, so we don’t provide any guarantees. However, we help you select the right products through the buying guides. You can check the product guarantees offered by the manufacturer before the purchase.

Where Can You Get The Design Ideas For Remodeling Your Bathroom?

You can find multiple bathroom designs online. You can also get help from the remodeling company to find the best ideas for your space. Having a layout is not essential to starting the remodeling process, but it gives you a visual idea of what you are heading towards.

If you don’t have any specific model in mind, you can share your requirements and let the bathroom remodeling company do the work for you.

Ruling Homes offers a solution for all your bathroom remodeling needs.