How to load a Ryobi String Trimmer? [Complete Guide]

 Follow these simple directions for loading your trimmer head.

  • Firstly, rotate the knob on top of the head till the arrow on the knob lines up with the arrow on the top.
  • Now you have to feed one end of the 25-foot-long trimmer line using the opening on the side of the head.
  • The next step is to pull the line from the head’s other side until you’ve got two equal lengths of line or string.
  • Wind the knob leaving only 8 inches of string on each side of the head.
  • Wind counter-clockwise if your trimmer features a curved shaft, and wind clockwise if it is a straight-shaft model or a brush cutter.

Wear Safety Equipment

 Before loading a Ryobi string trimmer:

  1. Dress properly and wear safety equipment to protect yourself from any kind of incident.
  2. Wear long trousers, long sleeves, and gloves.
  3. Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes and ear caps to protect your ears.
  4. You need to follow safety precautions as the gas-powered models are often very loud when operating and cutting. 

Safety Tools:

Here are some safety tools:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Hearing Protection
  • Protective Gloves
  • Closed-Toed Boots or Shoots
  • Leg Protection

Types of Ryobi String Trimmer

There are two main kinds of string trimmers: gas-powered or electric trimmers. Gas string trimmers are cordless, powerful, have two-cycle engines, and need a mixture of gas and oil to work.

These are often considered the simplest grass trimmers for big lawns. Electric trimmers run on electricity and are attached with a wire. 

Step by step guide to load a Ryobi String Trimmer

load Ryobi string trimmer infographic

After you use your trimmer for a season, it will probably need some replacements. This two-line trimmer typically uses a 0.080-inch diameter monofilament trimmer replacement line.

It also will accept a 0.095-inch diameter trimmer replacement line for taking over tougher plants and little brush.

Step 1

The first step is to remove the trimmer attachment from the power unit. This will ensure that the power unit is turned off while you are restarting or reloading the trimmer.

Remove the bump knob cover to show the inner reel. Discard any remaining trimmer line on the internal reel and remove the inner reel from the external hub.

Step 2

Measure two 6-foot lengths of monofilament replacement line. Thread the ends of the 2 lines into the holes on the inner spool and wind the cord in the direction indicated by the arrows on the inner reel. Stop winding when there are 5 inches of trimmer line remaining.

Step 3

Insert the ends of the lines in the holes in the surface hub and place the inner reel in the hub. Snap the bump knob cover into place.

Use of Ryobi String Trimmer

String trimmers are designed for chopping grass that’s not easily reached by a mower, like under bushes or up against walls. Always take care when trimming around small plants and flowers as they will be easily damaged.

String trimmers also can be used for trimming driveways and sidewalks to offer your yard nice, crisp edges.

Maintenance of the String Trimmer

Properly maintaining your string trimmer is important. While both electric and gas-powered models require some effort to stay in better running condition, these 2 types require extra maintenance.

Due to its engine, a gas-powered model requires more upkeep. 

Cleaning and Inspecting the Trimmer

Clean the string trimmer to keep it in good condition. Dirt on grass clippings builds up the debris shield and trimmer head. It may cause inefficiency and possible breakdown if not cleaned.

Use cotton pads lightly dipped with machine oil to wash exhausts and intakes, and other hard-to-clean areas.

Replacing Trimmer Line

No matter if your trimmer model is gas-powered or electric, both require the replacement of the trimmer line periodically.

The kind of head-on-your trimmer does determine how you replace the line, though. You can choose between a single or a dual-line head.

Change Oil and Fuel

If you’re using a gas-powered string trimmer, you would have to take care of its engine by considering its fuel/oil requirements. Gas-powered string trimmers use oil and gasoline to function, with some employing a fuel/oil mixture, counting on the engine type.

Four-cycle engines have separate gas and oil reservoirs, while 2-cycle engines operate on a mix of gasoline and 2-cycle engine oil.

Replacing Air Cleaner

String trimmers models also require you to check the engine air cleaner simply. Please read the manufacturer’s instructions to work out where your air cleaner is found and how to access it.

Check to make sure if the filter is roofed with dust and debris. Some filters are washable and reusable. Check your manual for instructions on the way to clean the filter.

If the filter is damaged or unsalvageable, replace it.

Storing Trimmer Appropriately

Store your trimmer under a well-ventilated shed or garage, out of the weather. Don’t store gas or gas/oil mixtures for the trimmer inside your home or basement.

Fumes can build up and make a dangerous situation. Make certain that the trimmer and other tools aren’t accessible by children.

String Trimmer Safety

In addition, to maintain your trimmer, you may need to work on your safety skills. Always follow the manual’s instructions on using your string trimmer safely and efficiently to keep your landscape neat and trim.

Use Proper Technique

Using a string trimmer properly is that the initiative that keeps you safe during operation. Use eye protection for any people or pets around where you’re working. 

When refilling fuel or oil or when starting a gas-powered trimmer, place the machine on the bottom. To start a gas-powered trimmer, pump the primer bulb to feed gas to the engine, activate the choke then pull the starter cord.

Once the unit is working, lift it, adjust the choke, and run for a few minutes to warm up.

Keep the trimmer’s engine at waist level with the top of the trimmer parallel to the bottom. Move the trimmer from side to side along the world to be cut. Always ease into the cut so that you don’t cut an excessive grass or damage something you’re not trying to chop. 

Last Thoughts

Ryobi string trimmer is very useful to trim the grass of lawns in your home. Make sure to follow safety precautions before using a string trimmer.

Maintenance and protection of Ryobi string trimmer are also necessary. Always take proper guidance before using the Ryobi string trimmer.

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