Best Home Window Film for Heat Rejection 2023

Protecting your home from excessive sunlight can ensure a cooler temperature inside with a decrease in your energy cost. There are a few options of restricting sunlight or improving the air flow in the home, which includes windows film for heat rejection and storm doors.

Storm doors cannot restrict the amount of sunlight entering through windows so if that is the specific purpose you want to achieve, you’ll have to move to windows film for heat rejection. Besides, installing storm doors is technical and is often helpful for catering the temperature in winter season.

Are you looking for the best home window film for heat rejection? Our team tried multiple products from different brands and here are the top 10 films that we can suggest based on our experience.

Glossary: Window film is a sheet made out of polyester lamination, and it improves the look and performance of the windows.

One side of the sheet is scratch-resistant, and the other is equipped with adhesive properties that bond to the window of the glass. In the majority of the cases, a window film is applied to the interior side of the window.

However, there are two main categories of window film; residential and professional. 

Best Home Window Film for Heat Rejection


Protection against UV rays

Ensures Privacy


Gila Heat Control Platinum



BDF NA35 Window Film 



Privacy Window Film



Filmgoo Privacy Window Film



Art Home Heat Control Window Film



KESPEN One Way Window Film Privacy



BDF S05 Window Film Daytime Privacy



Heat Control Window Film



HIDBEA One Way Window Film



CottonColors Window Privacy Film



1. Gila Heat Control Platinum

The first on our list is Gila Heat Control Window Film. I received the film in proper packaging; no wear and tear.

Surprisingly, you can choose between the four standard sizes. The Gila is a reflective type of film; that reflects up to 71% of the total solar energy. 

Moreover, this unit will also absorb 99% of the harmful UV rays. The best part about this film, you can quickly reduce the irritating window stares.

Ever since I got this, I have enjoyed lying around in my house without worrying about the uncomfortable glares. 

Not only this, but Glia will also make your home cooler without disturbing the view of your house. This unit offers a lot of privacy without snatching your ability to see the outside view. 

Highlighting features:

  • This unit eliminates 71% of the solar power. 
  • The mirror appearance provides daytime privacy. 
  • The film keeps your interior from fading. 
  • The sheet can reduce glare up to 70%.

There is no need to hire a professional to apply this film; you can easily do it without special tools. 

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2. BDF NA35 Window Film 

Next on our list is BDF NA35 Window Film. BDF surely knows how to satisfy a customer. This unit is a superior window film with extraordinary qualities.

Moreover, the packaging was also supreme, just like the unit. 

The heat rejection property is excellent; you will see the results in a week. In addition to this, UV control can also block the high quantities of UV and infrared rays.

There is no need to worry about the fading of furniture or paint; this film does a great job of keeping rooms cool. 

If you are wondering, is this sheet completely black or not? No, it is a mildly dark color film that will prevent fading.

You will be noticing a visible difference in energy expenditure during both seasons. Also, you do not need to worry about the film’s maintenance. 

Highlighting features:

  • The installation is user-friendly. 
  • The heat rejection is just on point. 
  • This film also protects against harmful solar rays. 
  • You can also clean the film with water, preventing water spots.

The solid adhesive can last for years, and the finish will not look worn out or old! 

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3. Privacy Window Film

The privacy window film is slightly different from what we have previously reviewed.

This unit is the best product especially for translucent window film and heat control. This model eliminates the UV rays from your house. 

Not to mention, privacy window film will also provide a good amount of visible light, and it will not block the outside view.

You can get both heat control, UV prevention, and privacy control with this product. You do not need professional help to apply this film; the static cling is easier to handle and use. 

Just follow the simple instructions, and you are good to go. The most satisfying part about this unit; you do need to worry about the maintenance issue.

This sheet is even perfect for bathrooms and offices as well. No cloudy residue and marking; a smooth finished window film. 

Highlighting features:

  • It is a no residue static cling window film. 
  • This unit provides privacy control. 
  • You can use it for both professional and residential purposes.
  • No special tools are required to apply this film.

However, it does form bubbles if left unattended while applying. 

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4. Filmgoo Privacy Window Film

Next on our list is Filmgoo Privacy Window Film. This product comes with a lot of uncountable features. Not to mention, this unit is more of a reflective window film for heat rejection. 

You do need to worry about the UV rays or substantially visible light. All you need to do is; select from the four colors that match the tone of your house.

The color variation option is indeed the best thing about this window film. Compared to BDF NA35 Window film, this is a professional product that reduces the glare up to 80%. 

You can quickly work in the daytime without worrying about privacy. Not to mention, this film can also block up to 85% of infrared rays and 96% of the UV rays. It is indeed an excellent choice.  

Highlighting features:

  • It is both reflective and solar film. 
  • It blocks the UV and infrared rays by 90%. 
  • This unit protects the furniture from fading. 
  • You can choose between a variety of colors and sizes. 

However, I did not enjoy the applying process as the film is fragile.

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5. Art Home Heat Control Window Film

Next on our list is a pocket-friendly product that will reduce the temperature of your house.

The Art Home Heat Control Window Film is a fantastic product that allows you to give yourself a bit of privacy along with protecting your home from UV rays. 

I received the package in a premium box; the entire installation process was quite simple. There is no need to use any special tools or glue sticks.

All you need is a cutting tool and measuring tape. In no time, you will be able to place the film on your window. 

Moreover, if you ever need to pull it down, it is easily removable and will not leave any residue.

The heat control of this film is beyond commendable; it blocks out 85% of the solar heat and reduces the temperature as well. 

Highlighting features:

  • This unit comes with a measuring tape and squeegee. 
  • Perfect for both heat control and privacy. 
  • No residue, mess, or stains while applying. 
  • This unit reduces the expenses of cooling costs. 

The overall experience of buying and installing this window film is excellent, and we recommend you try it too. 

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6. KESPEN One Way Window Film Privacy

Kespen is a known brand for window films and heat rejection products. Since it is a trusted product, I ordered—Kespen One Way Window Film. I received the films in an adequately packaged parcel. 

I am highly impressed by the overall quality and look of the product. Compared to Gila Heat Control Platinum, this model blocks up to 91% UV rays and gives a spacious look.

Not to mention, the application of the film resulted in significantly more extraordinary interiors. 

By applying this Kespen film, you will feel a reduction in your electricity bills. Not to mention, this unit is a reflective film; hence provides extra privacy. But, during the nighttime, the effect is reversed. 

Highlighting features:

  • This unit blocks out 87% of the solar rays. 
  • Daytime privacy and protection are guaranteed. 
  • The static cling is easy to use and apply. 
  • This unit also blocks out 97% of the harmful rays. 

Sound blockage of solar rays and the long-lasting protection make the Kespen film a must-try!

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7. BDF S05 Window Film Daytime Privacy

Next on our list is another top window film by BDF; this brand is undoubtedly a good brand for heat rejection products. However, compared to the BDF NA35, this product is more aesthetic and professional. 

With this film, you can beat the heat and create a different look. This film is compatible with both private and commercial settings.

In addition to this, it is super easy to install and apply this unit; no need to use any glue or adhesive because it clings smoothly. 

It is highly effective regarding privacy and support during the day. Moreover, the film is reflective, and it completely obscures the view. 

Highlighting features:

  • This unit is an excellent product for the privacy aspect as well. 
  • Extra dark and reflective unit. 
  • This film gives a mirror-like appearance. 
  • The transmittance rate is relatively high. 

Furthermore, this unit also blocks solar energy and UV rays. 

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8. Heat Control Window Film

VViViD is a promising high-end brand. The Heat Control Window Film by VViViD is a supreme option for residential and commercial properties.

Not to mention, it’s a long-lasting solution to all the problems of heat, insulation, rays, and privacy. 

I received the films in an adequately covered package with a detailed instructions manual.

Moreover, this comes with a self-adhesive back; no need to use any glue to stick this film. You need to peel off the film and attach it to the window. The whole installation process is easy and quick. 

This film is professional. Hence, it is not reusable. Once you take it down, you won’t be able to stick it again. The tint is darker.

It provides a high level of privacy and blocks the sun’s rays. 

Highlighting features:

  •  This unit reduces glare and harmful rays. 
  • This product reduces the overall energy costs by up to 50%. 
  • The self-adhesive backing prevents the film from peeling.

The tint of this window film is darker. It provides a high level of privacy and blocks the sun’s rays. 

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9. HIDBEA One Way Window Film

The second last option on our list will improve your home’s energy efficiency.

The HIDBEA one-way window film will also give a sleek, stylish, and modern look to your home. You do not need any special tools and glues to stick this film. 

Cut it according to your size and attach it with soapy water—no need to hire a professional, even if you are buying it for commercial use.

You can also reuse it in another location; peeling off does not leave any residue or stains. 

This film effectively blocks the solar heat and reduces the house’s temperature during summers. Not to mention, it also blocks up to 91% of the UV rays; and gives an extra layer of privacy. 

Highlighting features:

  • This unit is a thick window film that blocks out the light. 
  • This film can be used as a professional privacy film. 
  • It is a reusable product without any mess. 

However, I did not enjoy the application process, as it took a long time to fix the corners. 

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10. CottonColors Window Privacy Film

The last on our list is a pretty different product. If you are a fan of aesthetics; and want to add colors to your home, CottonColors Window Privacy Film is a perfect option. This film also provides an extra layer. 

CottonColors is an ideal alternative for reflective-looking films. An attractive pattern gives a delicate glittering rainbow effect, adding an aesthetic and bright look to your room.

However, this product is fancy, but at the same time, it filters up to 96% of UV rays and protects your skin as well. 

With this product, you can make your home more energy-efficient and save some extra bucks on electricity bills.

Easy to install, no special tools are required to install this film; and it also provides additional privacy at night. 

Highlighting features:

  • A fancy-looking heat rejection film. 
  • Each roll of the film is 1 foot wide and 7 feet long. 
  • Easy to use and replaceable film. 
  • This unit protects the furniture. 

This window film is a good pick for those who seek heat rejection and want their rooms to be well-lit! 

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Important considerations when buying Best Home Window Film for Heat Rejection:

You need to determine your requirements now that you have decided to buy a window film for heat rejection.

Moreover, it is crucial to learn about the most important factors before purchasing a home window film for heat rejection. 

Energy savings:

Learn about the energy-saving feature before a home window film. If you buy the product solely for this purpose, you need to buy a film that provides 80-85% of energy savings. 

Preservation of furniture:

Many units resist the fading of the furniture and paint. Buy such a window film that prevents the fading of the interiors. 

Privacy measures:

The majority of the window films are a great source of adding an extra layer for privacy. Moreover, a window film can provide privacy up to 87%; hence, choose wisely. 


The best home window film for heat rejection can be a complex item to shop for if you are clueless about the features you should consider or haven’t been out in the market to see the options.

We have discussed the best window films for your homes, along with a few features that you must consider while shopping. Now you can find the best option for your home. 


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