Bay Home Remodeling Services

Ruling Homes as your home remodeling partner

One of the best remodeling and renovation companies in Bay County is Ruling Homes. We don’t only provide you with the best advice regarding your gradation but also offer you consultation on renovation.

With us on your side, you can expect quick decision-making, better equipment, and the right people to get your home’s servicing done.

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Services that Ruling Homes Offer

Here are the primary services that Ruling Homes offers for its customers in Bay County:

Home buying guides:

You can get an exclusive range of reviews about the general home products. They cover an extensive range of variety with the presence of features, pros and cons in support of each product. You can read them in detail to find the best products for your home.

Home renovation:

Another category of services we offer to our customers is the provision of home renovation services for different parts of your home. We can give you the ideas for the renovation along with the actual handyman to offer you those services.

Some of the major home areas we cover in this regard include:

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Bay County

The bathroom is one of the important places that might require extensive efforts to make it better and optimized to your needs. If that’s what you think, then we’ll make you rethink it once. Ruling Homes provides the consultancy you might need to select the right products. Besides, we offer you advice on making the changes that will reveal the best results.

For us, your budget is also essential when suggesting your bathroom remodeling choices. So, you can rely on our suggestions and implement them to make your bathroom just as you like. Some of the major equipment we can help you with include the exhaust fan, bathtubs, faucets, toilet seats, shower cabins, tiles, etc.


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kitchen remodeling

Kitchen remodeling services

In Bay, kitchen remodeling services cannot be better without Ruling Homes. Whether you need new cabinets or are just looking for minor changes in your kitchen, we can cater to all of them. You can get a new-like kitchen once your remodeling services are completed. So, just wait and watch; you’ll surely be impressed.

Need to choose the right appliances for your kitchen? Our guides about specific products like pallet grills, gas grills, and other such products will surely help you make the right decision.

Lawn Maintenance Services

Ruling homes also offer lawn maintenance services in the Bay area. You can expect to find the best tools for lawn pruning or string trimmer to keep the lawn trimmed. Whether it is just the consultation or selecting the right product, Ruling Homes can help you.

Just choose the type of help you need from our expert team, and we’ll appropriately guide you. Contact us now!

Lawn maintenance services

Home Painting Services in Bay County, Florida

In any home in Bay County, home painting services are one of the essential ones. Using the right paint can give a different look to your simple-looking home. Often people need help to choose the right colors and textures, you can contact the experts from Ruling Homes, and we can help you make a perfect choice, keeping in account multiple other factors.

Concrete sealer, grout sealer, and paint for the deck are a few other things we can help you with. To get all these services, contact Ruling Homes!


Facts About Bay County

Whether you are looking for an apartment in Bay County or are already living there, you must realize that you have an amazing community to enjoy.

With a population of 180,076 living in the county and a median income of $56,483, you can expect a decent standard of living. The ethnic makeup of this county highlights the non-Hispanic Whites as the majority of the population.

Within Bay County, Florida, you’ll find more veterans than the average veterans living in the area. So, if you have a military background or want to socialize with such individuals, this is an amazing place to opt for living.

Also, retail trade and accommodation businesses are quite prominent in the county, employing most of the population. The average property value in Bay Area is $195,000, according to the survey conducted in 2020, which is lesser than the average price in the other regions of the United States.

In this county, 16.2% of the population lives with severe housing problems. For all such house owners, Ruling Homes can offer help.

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Ruling Homes must be your choice if you need home remodeling services with a wow factor in Florida. It offers remodeling services for the kitchen, bathroom, lawn, and other areas of your home.

Even if you just need your house to be painted from the interior and exterior, the team from Ruling Homes can help you with that too.

All you have to do is contact us, and we’ll be happy to take it from there.