How to Lower Alkalinity in the Hot Tub? [Step by Step Process]

To lower the alkalinity in the hot tub, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1

Before lowering the alkalinity, you need to check the current alkalinity of the hot water. You can check the current alkalinity by using water testing kits available in hot tub stores.

Step 2

Adjust the pH of the hot tub water before testing the alkalinity. The pH in hot tub water is usually between 7.2 – 7.8. If not, adjust the pH of the hot tub water first, then wait for an hour before you measure the alkalinity again.

Step 3

Use a specifically formulated chemical called ALKALINITY REDUCER. The amount needed to dissolve in the hot tub water depends on the current alkalinity level and your hot tub size.

Step 4

After adding the chemical, wait 30 minutes to an hour. Test the alkalinity level, and repeat the process until you reach the desired level in your best hot tub.

Step 5

After reducing the hot tub’s alkalinity, check the water’s pH level to ensure it is still in the ideal range. Repeat the process from step 3 if the pH level of the water is not in the ideal range.

Note: Be precise when adding chemicals to the hot tub, as over-treating can lead to imbalanced water and harm your hot tub and its users.

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What is alkalinity, and why is it dangerous?

Alkalinity measures the basic (alkaline) properties of the water/solution. It helps neutralize the water’s acidic properties and resist pH changes. Alkalinity is usually expressed in terms of the concentration of bicarbonate, carbonate, and hydroxide ions in the solution.

Naturally, alkalinity is not dangerous, but high alkaline levels in hot tubs/swimming pools/drinking water can be hazardous.

Uncertain levels of alkaline can cause these problems:

  • The bitter taste of water
  • Skin itching
  • Eye irritation
  • Scale formation on the pool surfaces and equipment

Also, high alkalinity levels can get in the way of the effectiveness of chlorine, which is mainly used for disinfecting the swimming pool or hot tub water.

Moreover, high or imbalanced alkalinity can create a healthy environment for some bacteria and other microorganisms to grow, making the water unsafe for use. It can also lead to mineral buildup, which can clog filters and other hot tub components.

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What are the causes of the hot tub’s high alkalinity?

Several factors can cause a hot tub’s high alkalinity levels.

  • Lotions and perfumes
  • Excessive use of chemicals
  • Water supply (quality)

Why is it essential to maintain the pH level?

The pH level describes the power of hydrogen ions in water. It determines whether the water is acidic, neutral, or basic. Basically, it tells how acidic or alkaline your hot tub water is.

Like alkalinity, imbalanced pH levels can damage the hot tub parts and temperature sensor and even corrodes the metal parts.

You can use the pH decreaser or increaser to maintain the desired pH level of the water. Add into the water for 10-15 minutes and wait for it to properly circulate into the water; if the pH level does not increase or decrease in this time duration, repeat the process until it achieves the ideal value.

Don’t confuse alkaline water with alkalinity

Alkaline water refers to a solution with a pH greater than 7; it is called the basic solution or has excess hydroxide ions. While alkalinity is the capacity of the solution to neutralize acidic properties and resist changes in pH.

Are there any benefits of alkaline water?

Excess of everything is terrible, and so is alkaline water, but on the other hand, it has some significant health benefits. Alkaline water contains four major minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium) that are important for good health.

Some other significant benefits of alkaline water include:

Bone Strength: It increases the quantity of calcium in your body, and calcium plays a vital role in bone strengthening.

Balanced blood pressure: Scientists conducted detailed research on several people consuming more alkaline water for 4-6 months and found that people with high blood pressure had lower values than before.

Blood sugar and cholesterol: Helps reduce high blood sugar and high cholesterol.


People love to sit in the hot tub for hours after a hectic and strenuous day. Hot water removes fatigue in no time and gives relaxed vibes, but maintaining the alkalinity in hot tub water is an art.

Always try to maintain the alkalinity of water in the ideal range for increasing the hot tub’s life. Especially look out for a clean and healthy water supply as it plays a significant role in lowering the alkalinity of the hot tub water.

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